Credit Card Merchant Charges

One thing that really annoys me is being charged a fee for paying by credit card which I consider to be nothing more than unbridled greed.

The business we take our little dog to for grooming has 2 long established locations providing daycare and grooming, and have recently introduced a credit card surcharge of 0.49% which takes them some time to work out with a calculator.

They either must have a massive turnover to have been provided with such a low merchant fee or they are not charging the total fee.

Qld TMR would have a credit card turnover of billions of dollars and their surcharge is 052%.

If the dog parlour has a massive turnover, they certainly do not need to gouge customers with a surcharge, and if they are not charging all of their fees, why bother at all.


Maybe your dog groomer’s business uses a bank for their credit card facility as a merchant that charges them 0.49% and they are just passing on that fee. Perfectly fine and legal. Is this business more geared towards cash maybe?
Or perhaps they are too dopey to realize that charging the surcharge when they could just include it into their prices just annoys the hell out of customers.

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Too dopey for sure.
For references sake this is a graph from the Reserve Bank.


Less than TMR Qld who would be charging what it costs them?

I expect that most of their turnover would be by EFTPOPS.

The sign on the counter did state that there is no surcharge for debit cards or cash.

As my wife said, perhaps they are trying to encourage customers to pay cash?

Wink, Wink. Nudge, Nudge. Nothing to see here folks.

They also had a sign stating that doggy daycare fees were increasing this month. Not much point in having 2 hands if you don’t put them both out.

When we were operating our businesses starting in the early 1980’s, our bank “gave” us a preferential rate of 1.3% for Bankcard, Mastercard & Visa, and we also accepted Amex, Diners Club and JCB, all without any surcharges to customers.

Our motto was why make it difficult for customers to give you their money?

If businesses cannot be happy without having to gouge their customers, they should give the game away.

As an old Chinese proverb states, “Man who cannot smile should not open shop”.

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That is so good. I shall remember that one.