COVID19 - Overseas Travel and Cruise ships spreading infections

In the brave new world post lock down until a vaccine is widely available, all overseas travelers entering Australia should be required to quarantine for 14 days to ensure that no new infections are spread.

Cruise ships should be exposed for what they are, plague spreaders and this includes many diseases other than Covid 19. It is an industry that relies on exploiting workers from third world countries who are not paid a living wage, visiting cheap exploitable destinations, and exploiting scared people who would not or could not travel in any way than the nursing home environment of the industry. If you are not fit an healthy do not travel. Covid 19 has shown the whole industry for what it is, a selfish industry that thrives on pure exploitation with no social responsibility. Australia should establish an enforceable code of conduct for cruise ships and their passengers that prevents the standoff that exists off the Australian coasts. Australian hospitals will be flooded with even more refugees from cruise ships and Australians will suffer.
Cruise ships are huge polluters of the air and ocean as they dump rubbish and human waste at sea. They also generate as much air pollution as 90,000 cars each day they operate and this includes in port.

Australia should ban all cruise ships until they clean up their act.