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Covid Testing Clinic Traffic Reports / Updates

How good would Traffic Reports for the Covid Testing Clinics be?

In lieu of using the electronic check-in data from each site, and publishing it on the web for others to access, as this seems WAY too easy or Vic Lorusso up in the Chopper, there are so many easy ways to do this like clinic staff reporting in, ideally at least every hour, which could go straight to a website people can check before they leave home.

Or a community-based situation where we start a Community Covid Testing Clinic Traffic Update Initiative that encourages individuals to report their experience as they go, either on an official webpage associated with The NSW Government or on Social Media or anywhere really. All we need is a Central reference point - a place where people know they can go to update and get the information.

This information for the Community would be a game- changer! We could make informed decisions about where we go to get tested

So much less heartache, confusion, anger, stress, road rage, abuse, arguments, car accidents and waiting in queues for hours; the clinic staff will directly benefit as a result, in addition to their workload potentially being a bit more evenly distributed. Other road users and the entire local neighbourhood will be overjoyed not to have kilometres of traffic congestion, streets blocked, police directing traffic and changed traffic conditions.



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