COVID - Refund for event not cancelled, restrictions prohibit attending

On 10 December 2020 I bought tickets to the MCG Boxing Day Test (realising a dream for my son and I) when they went on sale, and at that time all was well. On 20 December 2020, due to COVID, Victorian Government declared Greater Sydney a Red Zone, meaning mandatory 14 day hotel quarantine. This meant we could get into Victoria, but we could never legally attend the match. We bought the tickets when we could attend, but now we cannot attend. Whilst the game has not been cancelled, am I entitled to a refund (Ticketek was ticket agent)? I am sure I am not alone here.


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This is another aspect of what many people have gone through. I thought to move your topic into one of the following, but it is another ‘slant’ on what people are experiencing so I am leaving it as a standalone and expanding the title although another mod may chose to combine it.

Have a read of the posts in the following topics

@BrendanMays, perhaps an update to Choice advice is warranted, as this circumstance may become common before the pandemic is over?


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Agree with @PhilT that your situation is likely to become more common where there are confined outbreaks in one part of the country and other parts where there is no Covid it is more or less business as usual.

The first port of call is usually to check the T&C’s associated with the ticket purchase.

When checking what it says about refunds, also check to see what it says about on selling the tickets.

Hopefully the T&C’s provide a solution as time is running out to get some sort of solution.


It appears Cricket Australia also had not directly considered the scenario.

In principle CA under clause 5 for Covid-19 does recognise government imposed requirements may prevent attendance.

Note: Ticketek is just an agent and should not refuse, but refer the request to CA. It’s worth asking or insisting. CA might not desire the adverse public reaction if it were not to refund where the State Govt is preventing attendance due to Covid.


Sorry to hear about your situation @JG483.

We have been looking to update our advice on cancellations and other COVID articles due to the recent activity. Although we need to receive final verification from our experts on some developments, the aforementioned article on cancellations is still correct in that unfortunately it can be a grey area for event cancellation due to a government mandate.

There’s some advice above on how to go about asking for a refund, please let us know how you go.


When Ticketek announced the 2021 Guns N’ Roses tour for Australia in late 2021, I initially was planning to buy tickets for the MCG concert.

However, after considering we would be paying a year in advance without any knowledge of what dramas there might be by then, I erred on the side of caution and decided against it.


I’ve been trying for months to get a refund of about $600 back from tickets purchased in March 2020 for a international sporting event that didn’t occur. First of all I paid the insurance for the tickets and went through that Avenue to recoup the cost. This was refused due to Ticketek not cancelling the event but rescheduling it with no date fixed. I’m seeking a refund because my situation has now changed and I will no longer be able to attend. I found it almost impossible to contact Ticketek they do not display any clear means to contact them on their website. If anyone’s had any experience with this or suggestions that be great.


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You are not the first with this issue so I moved your post into this existing topic. Also see the topics I linked in my prior response to @JG483 that might assist. The ploy of not cancelling to avoid refunding appears to have been rife.

Please let us know how you go.

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