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COVID-19 Scams

An article regarding scammers using the coronavirus to rip people off.

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Another snake oil salesman with a magical silver solution coronavirus cure.

I was not aware Bakker was “back in business” after going to jail for fraud. It must have been some sort of miracle.



A guest on televangelist Jim Bakker’s show suggested on Wednesday that a product sold on Bakker’s website might be effective at protecting against and against and killing the novel coronavirus.

The guest, naturopathic Dr. Sherrill Sellman, said that Silver Solution—a product that can be purchased on Bakker’s web store—has been found to be effective on viruses related to the one from Wuhan.

The bolded quotes possibly gives some insight to its efficacy…with the ‘intended result’ making the buyers pockets lighter.


Genesis had a rather apt tune about such things … and I see Jessica Hahn is again married, but ironically without children …


New York Attorney General Letitia James sends Bakker a Cease & Desist letter over his coronavirus scam.

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Another Warning From Stay Safe Online Regarding Coronavirus Scammers.

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The latest warning from Scamwatch regarding the coronavirus…

And a warning from NSW Police.

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A warning regarding scammers sending malocious emails about fake Coronavirus warnings.


G’day crew!

Here’s another Corona related scam doing the rounds at the moment.

This was flagged by one of our CHOICE staffers, who received it via Whatsapp. It has been submitted to Scamwatch:


Reports from the UK about fake ‘lockdown fine’ SMS messages:

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Coronavirus scams on the Dark Web.

And some other disgusting coronavirus scams.


Scams to purchase masks and gloves have been prevalent. I got caught with an early scam for masks - costs seemed appropriate for number of reusable masks with vents - 5. However, it was delayed and delayed and money not taken out until the final arrival arrived. When the package arrived 1 little black “mask” only large enough to fit inside a cpap mask. Had. notified scam watch. have original order to fight back through the bank.


It’s at this point I hope the Feds jump on them and remove all privileges they have as a religious organisation and investigate them further.


Whilst it is certainly a disgusting scam aimed at idiots, perhaps it is also another manifestation of Darwin’s Theory Of Natural Selection at work.

“The Church Of The Perpetual Scammers” cops a $151,200 fine.

Another confirmation of the old proverb “You Just Can’t Help Stupid”.


I love this defence:

In an email to 7.30, Mr Barton said, "We have no comment, except to point out that this is a shocking and egregious attack on freedom of expression and freedom of religion in Australia.

“The very constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia is being trashed and thrown out the window, no less.”

The only part of the constitution that deals with religious freedom is Section 116 which says:

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.

So selling people poison and telling them it will cure a viral disease (among other improbable things) is free exercise of religion. Should make for an interesting court case.


An article regarding persons being scammed with fake excavators and caravans.

A lesson is don’t buy expensive items from unknown websites sight unseen. Don’t give any money away until point of collection.

Only send money for purchases one is willing to lose or is recoverable through the payment system.

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Just how low can grubs go?

An article warning about scams expected during the COVID-19 vaccination rollout.