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COVID-19 Poor business behaviour

We’re calling for Mosaic Brands and others to stop ‘panic marketing’ immediately and apologise to customers. Using pushy sales tactics to exploit anxiety about COVID-19 to encourage panic buying is not on.

And here’s an example we received via Instagram, sent via text message from Surf Stitch:


Oveds Horse and Pets Store, ABN 59 079 517 310, a Brisbane-based vet supplies online store is stating all supplies of F10 Veterinary disinfectant are out of stock while listing them on EBay for between $3000 and $9000 per unit (a mark up of over 1000% in many cases). This product is in short supply Australia wide (no supplies are to be found on any online stores) and is essential to the veterinary, wildlife care and associated animal health industries.

They appear to have withdrawn the $9000 item I reported to EBay yesterday, saying it has sold out. They are still offering another item in the F10 range, listed as out of stock with a normal price of $115.99 on their webpage, for $5000:

They are also price gouging on many other disinfectant products:


All this crazy priced disinfectant is… crazzyyy! As are the people buying it.

Surely a soaped up hot cloth using <1c worth of soap will be just as good?


Suggest you take screenshots and send a complaint to the ACCC.


I have done :slight_smile:


Romeo’s IGA in Summer Hill doing some pretty horrible price gauging!


I thought I’d read that ebay was going to stop toilet paper price ripoffs but there are plenty on the site

$7.05 for one roll seems excessive, even including postage


Excessive indeed, and a bit underweight. I’ve just checked and found a 230 sheet 2ply roll of EcoNaturale recycled, 10 X 10.5cm weighs 90g.
So these 4ply at 80g cant have all that many sheets, and they are small.


If you check the postage calculator Auspost charge by weight or volume, whichever is greater. A 10 x 10 x 10 box from Melbourne to Sydney is $8.95 from the Auspost calculator. Ebay merchants get discounts and it is probably put in a pouch that costs less. Nevertheless, it is probably sent by a cheap courier like Fastway or Couriers Please at less cost. Even so, maybe not as bad as it looks at first glance? I hope the customers can wait for it :wink:

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There are many profiteers on eBay, as we know - this is one of the worst. This thermometer is $99 rrp and is out of stock all over Australia. There’s no proper avenue to report the item or seller on eBay, either (none of the pre-determined reporting fields covers profiteering/price gouging, so I was hesitant reporting it as the wrong reason). I wrote to the seller who replied that he put it up to that price as there was no stock until May and that it stops people buying it at that price. Then promised they’d bring the price down once stock was in. (What???!!!) Yet their listing shows it’s in stock so anyone desperate enough would be charged that price. EBay should be giving us easier ways to report this behaviour immediately!


Absolutely disgraceful.

Here is an Aussie business selling it for $87 with deliveries in July.


Good on Bubs n Grubs! Good see honest sellers out there. Opportunists are truly disgusting.

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When I looked at the link yesterday they were $599. Today they are $999.

What a disgusting bottom-feeding grub.

I have just sent the following message to Oricom Australia via the message facility on their website.


Your HFS 1000 is advertised on eBay by GadgetCityAustralia.

Yesterday they were listed at $599 each. Today they are listed at $999 each.

This is the most disgraceful example of price gouging and blatant theiving that the Choice Community has witnessed to date during the coronavirus crisis.

Should you really be suppling this bunch when your ethical retailers like Bubs N Grubs have no stock to supply desperate consumers?"

Perhaps other community members may like to do likewise.


Good Humour or a Bad Business.

Two days ago we received a phone call from a sales agent for Accor Plus. It’s a pay for annual membership accommodation loyalty/rewards scheme associated with the Accor chain of hotels. No Golden Chain cheapies in the mix. “Save” on nights away from home and a dedicated member booking site.

Just what we all need right now.

P.S. includes member discounts when you eat out at selected Accor chain hotels too!

Nearly forgot to mention they have kept this years price rise under 10%. Possibly not even a good deal looking ahead at half price for twelve months.

The best savings on offer right now - to not join any of these schemes. :slightly_smiling_face:


The eBay listing has now changed.

" This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available."

And the listing on their website has been “drastically slashed” to a mere $499.

An example of the free market/capitalism at its finest.


I bought a standard probe type digital thermometer at a local chemist recently for $9 including battery. They are quite accurate and you can take the temperature of an adult, child or baby with one, I am not quite sure why you need to spend hundreds of dollars. Perhaps people are going to scan those entering their house or walking down the street with the IR version.


The IR non-contact versions only measure skin temperature anyway, which is quite a bit less than core temperature, which is what you really should be measuring. My IR thermometer only cost about $25 from Jaycar a few years ago, I’m sure they are for sale for $imilar now.

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I’m really interested in all the examples being posted - thank you and keep them coming. What I’m also curious about is how much if at all you are surprised by what you’re seeing. I keep thinking I can’t be shocked anymore only to find that there are still new kinds of poor behaviour from businesses and individuals.

I also wonder how we’ll remember and respond once these times are over. Will we forgive and forget, because in these exceptional circumstances, in the face of catastrophe, poor judgment might be expected? Will we shun those who’ve behaved badly? Will we reward corporations who do the right thing?

Just some reflections on where we’re heading, though I fully concede it is far too early to tell.

Thanks again to all who’ve responded - I think this is such a sensible and interesting community of people, supporting one another and now more than ever that’s so important.


I was shocked to see an Australian Retailer doing such a blatant, cash grab based on the fears over COVID 19. I thought Katies should be ashamed of themselves, especially with the face masks, these are needed by our health professionals