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COVID-19 Poor business behaviour selling toilet paper for $119 !! Disgusting :rage:


I think anything starting with the website ‘’ isn’t going to be a glowing review :stuck_out_tongue:

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Notice the ‘sold out’ tag on the lower right of the snippet. A strange site that, but google reveals many more reasonably priced offers for that TP, not surprisingly all sold out too.


A claim on Twitter that Priceline are selling hand sanitiser for $25. Anyone come across this?


It looks like click bait…where they had no intention to sell TP but purpose is to get traffic and potential customers for other items to their website.


Another Priceline example via Twitter:




I’m not sure if some of these are appalling or just common sense from a business standpoint. Demand is much higher than their supply so they’ve raised prices to try and be at the point where demand and supply are even.

Doesn’t make it fair or respectful but it’s literally in the corporation act that public company directors must act for the interests of the shareholders. (Priceline is part of a larger company). As long as that is our attitude to corporations, it will keep happening.

I for one think a shareholder first attitude damages society


I see the point of view but I think there are better ways to manage issues of supply and demand. This feels like it’s taking advantage of scared, vulnerable people.


Medicines that will DEFINITELY not "cure or prevent: Corona Virus

Antibiotics (only useful for diagnosed secondary bacterial infection)

Anti-Virals – none tested so far.

OTC Cold Medicines

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

Last Year’s flu vaccine

This Year’s flu vaccine

Face Masks in general no effect – need N95 respirator or better

Dettol – antiseptic not antiviral

Goat’s Milk

Cow’s Urine

Toilet Paper – no diarrhoea with CV

Drinking bleach not effective and dangerous

Naturopathic supplements be the first to try or maybe die

Homeopathic remedies be the first to try or maybe die

Acupuncture makes you more Holy.

Aromatherapy -NO - well we could bring back burning sulphur

Cocaine snorting – Good Luck with that.

Corona Lager might put you in a happier state.

The bottom line there is no cure at present
pH7 neutrality doesn’t work either

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You forgot to list “holy water”.

Also, I was reading recently that there are those relying on “the blood of Jesus” to protect them. :roll_eyes:


Who are these retailers trying to fool??

It would have been extremely simple to have seen the signs of panic buying very early, and put in place measures to reduce or prevent it.

But then think of the PROFIT they are making as a result of this absurdly stupid action by many so-called Australians.

The more they sell, the more they make. Thinking they are part of a solution is fatuous.

This sort of thing is reprehensible. what is the ACCC doing about this sort of thing? So we need to introduce coupons like they had during WW2?

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As I mentioned above, unfortunately our economic system is designed around this very concept of supply and demand determining price. It’s reprehensible but completely legal and an easy financial decision for the business


I’ll add this to the prospects.

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What is the ACC doing about anything?


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I want to know about the cow’s urine. It must be hard to come by unless you work in a dairy. And do you rub it on or drink it?

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Should that be “holey”.

I will second that.

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Fred “HOLY” its called semantics and was intended as a pun! :grinning:

Syncretic - drink it actually - it is all the rage somewhere! :drooling_face:

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I’ve been getting bombarded with multiple emails and sms messages for the last two days from Noni B group (Noni B, Rockmans and W. Lane) Exhibit below:

And this is what they’re offering…

Considering the last 100ml hand sanitiser I bought (not this brand, but still) at the beginning of January was $2…

I bought a dress from Noni B last year for a wedding… can’t see myself shopping there in the future anyway but I definitely won’t after that.