COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE) & precautions

Can’t find P25 or regular surgical face masks anywhere. Went to eBay but I am wary of buying anything as the P25 masks vary in price from $5 to $20 for the same thing. I don’t want to be scammed. Has anyone had success buying masks, especially the P25. I am trying to get one for a trip in June. So far I have tried the chemist, even the large chemist warehouses, doctor’s surgeries and Bunnings.


I don’t know of P25, but P2 and P3 filter masks can be found at tool shops/engineering supply shops etc.


Before you rush out and buy face masks (possibly at a highly inflated price), it is worth listening to the podcast in this post…


Face masks are not recommended for the general population. Those you see most people using are totally inneffective because they don’t actually fit properly, are porus and don’t stop droplets in the air.

Only those who are actually sick are advised to wear a mask and then it should be P2 - the type with a filter and it needs to be well fitting over the mouth and nose.

Also most hand sanitisers and wipes are fine against bacteria in general but are useless against viruses and COVID-19. You need a hand sanitiser that contains at least 70% alcohol to help combat a virus. Trequent plain old soap and water hand washing (for at least 20 seconds and get into all the cracks and crevacies) is a far better option and one that everyone can do.


The other thing not mentioned is that the properly fitting P2 masks with the filters can only be comfortably worn for short periods as they seal to your face and are hot and sweaty to wear. You are therefore more inclined to unconsciously touch your face to scratch or adjust the mask… This is the opposite of what you want in these circumstances.

Listen to what the health experts have to say, and follow their advice (which I know is different and contradictory across jurisdictions, and therefore confusing at the moment). (PS Don’t listen to the politicians as they aren’t the experts and get things wrong.)


Especially to Health Minister Greg Hunt. He was suggesting anyone with any doubts should get tested, the doctors were saying don’t unless you have a good reason for suspecting you really have COVID-19, such as being in contact with someone known to have it, or returning from a hot spot overseas.


:laughing: Got it in one! I had his name there, but took it out because his state colleagues are also making mistakes.


I really don’t understand why we have to have ignorant politicians delivering 2nd hand messages, often getting it wrong, when they usually have experts who actually know what they are talking about at the same press conferences! This applies to lots of important situations- COVID-19, bush fires, floods etc.


I think that they are merely copying the commercial TV stations puerile excuses for news programs.

The standard modus operandi is for idiot # 1 in the studio to mention a news article and then asks idiot # 2 who is standing outside a police station, court house, hospital or whatvever as to what they can tell everyone about the incident wherepon idiot # 2 reads from a prepared script.

At least you can actually tell when the politicians are lying. You can see thair lips moving.


The reasons are that they want:

  • the cudos.
  • the experts behind them nodding to show that they are knowledgable.
  • to be see to be in control. and
  • their ‘brand’ pomoted within their party, and with the population.

It’s a case of ‘never mind the quality, feel the width’.

You will have noticed that conversely they tend to take a low profile if things go wrong.


Don’t know about specific masks, but if you Google ‘Novelty Face Masks’ you can find vendors of colour &/or printed masks. Also ‘Headskinz’ a stretchy printed sock you see bikies & commando’s wearing.


A mask effective to contain or protect against an airborne/particulate-transmitted virus is a far different product from a ‘novelty face mask’ or day-to-day riding gear, and a ‘novelty face mask’ could provide a false sense of protection and lead to careless behaviour.

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I think that’s the point.

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That IS a fare point & I hope someone CAN help WonderWoman with her search, but nor is nothing a reasonable alternative to a P25 mask if such an item cannot be sourced.

The general health recommendations for Corona virus COVID-19

It might help to clarify what standard and reference calls up a P25 mask.

In Australia the standards include a P2 and P3. There appears to be no product listed as a P25.

Some overseas sites list a PM2.5; note the dot, as well as N95, N99 etc

I’m aware of the following from NSW health re masks for use for infectious diseases. The example re Q-fever is followed by a general recommendation, and refers to a P2 or N95 rated face mask. Note correct fit is critical as well as handling once worn.

It would seem reasonable, if there is a genuine concern, to expect general safety and hardware suppliers to have stocks of P2 masks over the next weeks as they are essential for protection in many occupations.

A trip? Are you sure you need to be going travelling? The general advice at the moment is: Don’t.


I had seen something about the Health Dept. guidelines on the use of Surgical Masks elsewhere on the net, but wasn’t sure if it was quickly out of date.
There does seem to be some anomalies to that article, except for those caring for ‘known sufferers’ why are others in the beaurocracy seen wearing them? Why the need to wash hands regularly after coming in contact with public surfaces if guarding your mouth & nose against airborne particles of human mucus is unnecessary?
The Coronavirus Pandemic & it’s solutions are an evolving learning process & clear, accurate information even from government is sometimes hard to come by. Just look at the differences in interpretation of the rules governing Cruise Ship arrivals.
The wearing of face masks may be little more than a security blanket for the public at large, my only point was where face coverings are sought ANY face covering is better than NONE.


Presumably the public surfaces include the ground, as I have seen an awful lot of spraying of the ground going on. I guess it protects those who choose to crawl, rather than walk, to get around!

I’m an asthmatic, and I react very badly to spray cleaners and aerosol disinfectant sprays. I had to use my inhaler TWICE yesterday just to make it through my short shopping trip at the shopping centre (which is problematic in itself at the moment) because of the amount of cleaner particles in the air from all of the extra cleaning.
In the past, I’ve used P2 masks whenever I’ve had no alternative but to use or to be in the vicinity of the use of cleaning sprays… but I have none left and I won’t be able to get more. I’m just going to have to deal.
(And I second the statement above - a properly fitting P2 SUCKS to wear for any length of time at all but it beats an asthma attack.)

There are people who would be far worse off than me who can’t just manage… if you’re not sick, you don’t need masks, leave them for health care workers and people who need them.


Here’s a new idea…
Before venturing to the local shops today, I fished a plastic full face “Iron Man” mask out of my son’s toy box and wore it. Worked an absolute treat. A few people burst out laughing, a couple of people smiled, a few kids waved but the vast majority of people gave me a very wide berth and a massive dose of side eye :joy: Also avoided a few conversations with people I know because they couldn’t recognise me.