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Covid-19 Car Insurance

Despite CHOICE not including Youi in the recent motor vehicle insurance review, my personal survey was very positive and prompted me to change from NRMA to Youi. My vehicle is a four-year-old Subaru Outback. I saved 10 percent and Youi included two free roadside assistance callouts per annum (provided by the NRMA, I believe). On top of that, Youi contacted me to offer a 15 percent rebate on the policy for three months due to the coronavirus as I would not be using my vehicle so much during this period. Youi do things differently, so maybe that was why they were not evaluated by Choice. No discount for multiple policies and no-claims, but a much better deal than the NRMA. Makes me wonder how much the NRMA pad their policies in order to offer the big discounts. And with Youi, In the event of an accident, I get to stipulate the repairer.

I recently looked at Youi for a quote, as our existing NRMA comprehensive insurance has been getting more expensive each year. I phoned NRMA to see if they would offer any sore of discount due to reduced driving distance, the answer was no. However, I still went with NRMA, as we had an agreed value significantly higher than the market value (opinions vary on that!), which was not shown anywhere in the process by Youi up until entering CC details (when I aborted the process). I think that is very poor form, not telling you how much your car is insured for!
Lowering the agreed value on the NRMA interactive premium calculator brought it pretty close to the Youi quote, which included their 3 month COVID-19 discount. There were a few other pluses and minuses between the policies, but NRMA did seem a bit better value, despite costing a bit more.


The most recent car insurance review I can see on the website is from 8 November 2018. As you say “recent” I assume that is not what you are referring to.

In that review Youi is indeed covered

This is an option with the NRMA comprehensive policy too.

One factor that needs to be considered is how easily and quickly the insurer is at paying out in the event of a claim. Choice did a survey of car insurers and NRMA had the highest customer loyalty. To me that indicates that they have the least unhappy customers, as an unhappy customer would leave. The question then is; is the money you are saving offset the grief you may have when making a claim? Or to put it another way; how much extra would you be willing to pay to know that your pay-out will be easy and quick?


If you take the optional extra they do yeah. Youi definitely have their faults with a record of aggressive sales tactics. But I agree they’re 100% worth worth checking out.

I have my car insured with Youi and on Monday the whole side of it was smashed up by a random in my work carpark. Yes, they drove off and no one got their plates. I was able to pause work, get straight on the phone to a claims person and find out what information I needed to record. I submitted it Monday night, was given an appointment for a quote Tuesday morning and got full approval Tuesday afternoon. Wasn’t put on hold once.