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COVID-19 and employing tradesmen

I am interested to know how people are addressing social distancing with tradesmen. According to the government people who can work should continue to do so. This is at odds with the idea of limiting your contact with others.


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An interesting question and one I was considering as we have work to do on our home.

I think that the principals that you need to be mindful of are:

  • Are any of you at risk, such as immuno-compromised, aged, etc?
  • Maintaining non-contact social seperation.

In my non-professional opinion - if any of you are at risk, then don’t get tradesmen in unless it is absolutely critical. If you aren’t at risk, then you can consider having them there, as long as everyone adheres to the seperation guidelines. And then if at all possible clean off every surface that they have touched that you may touch.

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Whilst neither my wife and I are in the high risk category, we are nearing our retirement and are no spring chicken. Thanks for your welcome and considered advice


My partner is a carpenter and is taking the utmost care during this crisis. He is disinfecting tools that he uses before entering the site and also wears a mask and goggles. Only thing is if he needs his work gloves but they are washed daily and he wears gloves over the top but the often rip on rough materials like unsanded wood


You husband sounds like the type of carpenter the country should be using


A tradesperson should follow the standard recommendation of government in relation to contact with someone with COVID-19 (self-isolation for 14 days) and if one is unwell (with anything including the common cold).

If they follow this approach, then there should be no issue in relation to the potential spread of COVID-19 at houses they visit.

One just hopes that tradespeople take the government measures seriously as they are there to not only protect themselves, but their customer and the broader community.

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