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Counterfeit Samsung products on Amazon AU

Has anyone found a way to make Amazon do something about counterfeit products? I bought 3 x Samsung fridge water filters, but they didn’t have the magnetic sticker. I wanted a refund, but the seller claimed they were genuine, and refused. When I investigated further, the filters only weighed 210g, genuine ones weigh 250g. Amazon AU has no option for reporting counterfeit products. When I challenged the seller, he refunded and deleted the listing.


You could advise Samsung of the counterfeit products, as it is possibly using copyrighted material eg logos to deceive purchasers. Samsung are fiercely protective of their branding. Include details of Amazon’s failure to address the issue.


Buy from Amazon itself? Items that are sold by Amazon itself (preferably Amazon in Australia) would make Amazon accountable for the sale. Items that are sold by some random make the random accountable - and that can be difficult.

Can you link to the actual product on Amazon’s web site? Is it described as “compatible” (which is code for, well, not exactly counterfeit but also not genuine) or is it described as “genuine” or is it described some other way?

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The photos appear to be the products received. I cannot see anything about ‘compatible’ surrounding the official looking Samsung logos nor is there anything on the document shown in the background.

deleted the listing

Fair enough, depending on what that means.

One thing that I can see is that referential integrity is not maintained between past orders and now obsolete products i.e. clicking the link from an old order to the ordered product that is no longer in existence gives an error (Page Not Found).

If that is what is occurring for the OP then complaining at Amazon about that error functionality may be worthwhile. However Amazon may already have that covered e.g. can’t delete product until it is outside its return window on all orders. It doesn’t hurt to ask Amazon.

Deleting products to hide evidence is one angle. Changing the description is another. (I’ve had that happen to me - with a material change to the description after order and before delivery - but the seller refunded without argument.)

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