Counterfeit Aussie Beef

A very interesting article on the ABC News website today regarding a major technological breakthrough in fighting the counterfeiting of Aussie beef.

With billions of dollars at steak, oops stake, let’s hope this is fully implemented.

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Having done a bit of travelling, Australian beef is a little overrated and not dissimilar to other countries.

Where it rates highly and demands a premium is possible animal husbandry/growing conditions and also low infectious disease.

I have had some really good non-Australian meat which has impressed me…along with some as tough as boots as well, All in all, not really different to Australia when in the mouth.


Yes, it looks good for the industry to have this as a tool.
Perhpas not so much of interest when we travel. It does not make much sense when OS to sit down to an Aussie steak at typically two to three times the price of home. Eat as the locals do is more appealing.

Of note much of our export beef is considered by others as barely suitable for mince and burgers. Compare it with Japanese Kobe Wagu at up to $200 kg butchers window and a marbling score that requires a magnifier to find the red bits. Grass fed free range Aussie beef has it’s own character that is unique too!

Perhaps too other nations are protecting their local industries by forcing imports to the low cost end of their market while reserving the premium market for domestic producers, irrespective of how average the local product may be.