Council Scam Backfires?

An article regarding the owner of I Cook Foods suing the Victorian Government after an apparently corrupt Council instigated the destruction of his business.

If this is the best these fools can do, little wonder the Melbourne hotel quarantine was such a disaster, followed by their litannies of lies to try to cover it all up.

Looks like it might be a very expensive lesson, at least for the Victorian taxpayers.

The battle against this grubby, corrupt Council continues.

Looks like ths scam is coming back to bite this disgusting council very savagely.

’ "Interviews revealed that whilst in hospital, the patient only consumed food from the hospital, with all food provided by Knox Private Hospital’s sole caterer, I Cook Foods,’’ Professor Sutton told the inquiry.

“The patient’s daughter indicated that her mother was fond of eating the sandwiches provided in hospital.”

However, the leaked report states there were actually six other suppliers to the hospital.’

With an expert like this, little wonder Victori’sa COVID 19 problems have been such a disaster.