Cottage Cheese

I have been trying to buy Cottage Cheese for about a year. No one seems to stock it any more (in my rural area). At first I thought I must be looking in the wrong place (near the dairy, cheese, dips etc) and started asking staff. I have been told it is no longer manufactured, no one asks for it, our Chain’s warehouse does not offer it so can’t order it etc. Eventually I found an independent shop who tried, but told me they are unable to order it in due to “supply chain restrictions”.

Any one else experience a shortage of Cottage Cheese?


No, have bought it recently at both Coles and Woolie. Is available online as well…

Both bought in regional Tassie.

I wonder if it is a product line your local supermarket has chosen to drop because of poor sales.


No, it is always stocked at the Colesworths in Eltham.

Which chain is that? Seems spurious unless they are only referring to their house branded products.

I interpret that as requiring a minimum stock purchase that is much larger than that independent is willing to take on.


I don’t shop at Woolies, Coles, Aldi. The shops I have tried are - independently owned - 2 x Foodworks, 2 x IGA, 1 x non-chain independent, 2 x “convenience” stores.

I don’t want to travel more than 2 hours to get a small tub and I can make my own.

The responses I got hint at two things - “We don’t know” and there may be some restraint of trade going on, eg some products (usually sizes, not a whole line) are only available to a particular Chain eg Coles, or not available. Supermarkets have been very happy to order in products that I have shown an interest in, even when their minimum order was 10 and I had said 2 was the maximum I would take.

I was rather intrigued with the responses I was getting.


If it is an independent grocer, they might be paying for wasted product that doesn’t sell…a strong reason to drop poor selling product lines. I know this was the case for an independent grocer in Brisbane as the manager would often complain they had to sell near useby date products below cost to get some money for the product, rather than not getting anything.

I’ll check a local grocer in the big smoke when next in town to see if they stock cottage cheese, as this might give an indication of availability to the independents.

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There may be some validity to what you have heard, but whether is still applies today since it was about 1.5 years ago?

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About a year ago I couldn’t find cottage cheese in either Coles or Woolies for a few months (metro Perth), but could get an expensive brand at IGAs. But I can get it everywhere now.

Is it something you can substitute in ricotta? They’re similar texture.

Or, make cottage cheese yourself! Which is what I’ve been doing the past 3 months. It’s delicious, and I can’t go back to store-bought CC. :slight_smile:


Yes, I shop at Woolworths in a major city but have had to change brands because of difficulty getting Dairy Farmers. I also have trouble getting anything not labelled High Protein which tastes different and I dislike it.


I shop at Woolworths and regularly buy Brancourt cottage cheese. I usually get the 600gm. tub which is $6 and there is also a 400mg tub. I have it most mornings for breakfast on toast with olive oil. I haven’t looked or bought any other brand.

Ricotta is a good substitute for cottage cheese, you might be more successful with it. Good luck!


If all else fails, have a think about making your own. It’s very simple - warm milk to blood temperature, add either a crushed rennet tablet (mixed with a little milk) or a squeeze of lemon juice, and strain overnight through cheese cloth. Add a little salt if you like, and store in the fridge. That’s it.