Cost of servicing hybrid cars

What is the cost of servicing a hybrid car? and cost of insurance


Hi @Congdon36, welcome.

It might be useful to suggest which brand and model is of interest.

Insurers will provide quotes based on the model and purchase price/value.

For the servicing costs most brands offer fixed price schedules. Something you may also be able to find by enquiring online.

There are a number of articles on the main Choice web site that can assist. Some content may be paid member content.

Both the community and main Choice web site are searchable using the tool with the magnifying glass symbol.


This will be depended on a number of things, including:

  • make, model and year of manufacture
  • location vehicle is garaged (or parked)
  • your claim history over the past 3/5 years
  • your age and risk profile to the insurer
  • whether the insurance is for market/agreed value
  • the excess associated with a policy
  • modifications or accessories on the vehicle
  • cost to repair the vehicle
  • additional inclusions in the policy (windscreen cover, hire car in event of a claim etc)

Most insurer websites will provide quotes based on you own circumstances. It is worthwhile doing such before purchasing a vehicle (or renewing a policy) as they can vary significantly between insurers and individual vehicles.

In relation to service costs, if a car is new a dealership can give an indication of these for a vehicle in the manufacture warranty period. … noting it may be possible to get book services cheaper elsewhere. The dealer’s service costs will give a broad indication for evaluation purposes/comparing vehicles.


I learnt that capped price service is a thing for many manufacturers these days. It is still usually more or on par with an independent but a reason to use a dealer for the first few years is they will update any firmware needing updating, and sometimes throw in a GPS map update at no cost as ‘customer relationship’.

An owner can usually update some, most, or all firmware themselves, especially for cabin items (GPS, sound, comfort, features, etc) but not always the engine management system in the rare case it requires one. Independents may or may not include it in their bags of services.


In addition to the answers already provided, you could do a search with your browser, such as this one, to get general information on servicing of ‘normal’ vs hybrid vs full electric vehicles. Of course if you search using a marque and model you may get more specific answers.