CHOICE membership

Cost of CHOICE Membership


For me, my paid online Choice subscription it is well worth the money and I personally always refer to Choice before making any of my substantial purchases. As an example, in the past year alone I have a purchased a new dishwasher, washing machine and a large TV and have chosen them all based on the Choice guides.

If you paid for a newspaper subscription it would probably cost you more than the $8 a month I pay. I think it is a bit cheeky for people to not want to pay anything and expect free access to the results.


I subscribe to the paper copy, and I resent the fact that I would need to pay again to access Choice info online! It is also sometimes very difficult to reconcile info provided online with that provided in the magazine. It seems the different ‘publishers’ do not talk to each other!!! I wish they got that sorted and gave paper subscribers a ‘special’ price to look at one particular article.


I subscribe and pay for my Choice magazine - have done for years! But should not be made to pay again for online results!


I pay for the online Choice and don’t get the magazine because I find it easier to do my searching online than thumbing through magazines, not to mention storing the magazines.

I may be wrong but the articles are probably the same online as the magazine anyway.


The online articles may be more up-to-date — some don’t seem to make it into the magazine at all. And, there seems to be little correlation between the two: when I search online, find an article and then try to find it in the magazine I rarely find ANYTHING!
My husband likes to read the magazine as well (he’s 84) - and we don’t buy that many things anymore… but when I do need a replacement, I would like to see what Choice says.