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Convection microwave ovens review

  1. The review is quite incomplete - I couldn’t find either of the ovens I was interested in buying. This makes the review of no use at all to many of us.
  2. Reviews need to take note of door opening direction so you can filter on, for example, downward opening doors for those of us who need that.
  3. Am I correct in believing that we no longer have the ability to comment under an article or review, or have I missed something?



Hi Julian

To answer your questions in order:

  1. What were you considering that was not included? I too have found products I was interested in buying, only to find out there was no review. Unfortunately Choice does not have an unllimited budget, and can not review every available product. (I wish they could). Typically, they select the products which are the most widely available and which sell the most a the time they are going to do their testing.
  2. For a work-around to the lack of a filter - If you click on the ‘compare all’ box (located under ‘read more’), all the reviewed products will be listed. On my Chrome browser, I press <CTL +F> (Control & the F key at the same time) to get the search or Find panel. I put in “pull down door”. Four occurrences were highlit, being four ovens with downward opening doors.
  3. You are correct in this instance that the comments section is missing. Perhaps @jhook from Choice might be able to answer why that might be?

Thanks @meltam. I previously more-or-less used your method to look for pull down door (i.e. manually perused the spreadsheet) but the listings don’t appear to be correct so I gave up. At least the SAMSUNG MC455THRCBB is stated to be pull down, but in fact it quite clearly is a side-opening door.

I was looking particularly for the current Whirlpool pull-down, and the LG NeoChef 39L (and also whistfully hoping there might be some coverage of the Aldi convection microwave). Of course I take the point that Choice doesn’t have unlimited funds but contend that surveying less than half the market is misleading, doesn’t help consumers, and disadvantages some manufacturers. Given Choice’s affiliation with much larger overseas consumer organisations you might expect their combined resources sufficient to test most current models. Alternatively Choice could move to a different model, where they solicit free supply from manufacturers but via some sort of voucher system, so that Choice chooses the particular shop and device they purchase to avoid special product preparation and selection. At least by that means, a manufacturer can ensure they are included rather than leaving it to chance selection by Choice.

I get the feeling that all under-article comments have disappeared, but maybe that is just chance of the articles I’ve looked at. An announcement one way or the other would help.


The comment section is still there, often it is ad and other data blocking that causes the issue. To see it in my case I had to disable the Firefox security (selecting Custom and unticking all the boxes), turn off NoScript, Privacy Badger, Blur, uBlock Origin for the site. Too much effort normally so I don’t bother commenting.

In Edge, Chrome and Opera it appeared with no issues (however they aren’t hardened like my Firefox is).

Privacy Badger on it’s own also killed the ability to see the comment/review section.


Thanks @grahroll, that will explain it as I use Firefox. Will have to think about a solution, but I’ll probably end up doing what you do … not comment and use this forum.


Review Comments include recent and relevant to old and glib with many reviewed products never having any user commentary +/-. Choice is aware there are a few deficiencies with the ‘comments to reviews’ section, but it seems a longer term resolution and not a priority. It requires staff moderation but more importantly more user engagement; the community seems to have been more successful at the latter than the product reviews comments, possibly because the reviews are linked to the member area while the community is open to all, resulting in differing visibility.

A few of the historical topics on the user reviews section:

I for one have long opined to @BrendanMays that not focusing on user review comments to Choice tested products is missing an important aspect since in some cases a highly reviewed product has turned out to be rubbish in a users hands, and vice versa. Yet it is for Choice to decide their priorities with the resources available,


I completely agree.

The other factor with member’s comments is that they are specifically relevant to the model(s) in that report. Consequently, I always look at members’ comments, and have skipped over some highly rated products due to multiple members’ negative feedback.


Absolutely, and it is for us to lobby and suggest to Choice what those priorities might be. Of course it is easy to criticise from outside, but that doesn’t make criticism and suggestions less relevant or even useful.

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