Continual payment for personalised no. plates

I am rather peeved that the RTA (or whichever gov dept looks after it) have a yearly payment for personalised plates, Why are we paying a extra each year for them once you have paid the price when you first got them. Shouldn’t we get a new plate? Or more importantly the RTA doesn’t have to do anything. And why has this part of the personalised plates run by an external body?

why do we have to pay a yearly payment for personalised plates

why dont we get new plates for the additional payment

why has the gov sold this part of the public service to a private company


Governments discovered people will pay for vanity items and love the concept as much or more than private enterprise. It is much like a fictional jewellery business where one only leases the item on an annual basis.

Outsourcing and higher government income without liability for ongoing employee costs for those involved.

Because people will and governments love revenue.

Do you need one? Think recycling/disposal and misuse of last years plate. Also since rego is now checked by rego and the rego database rather than dates on the plates or stickers you could put a plate on multiple vehicles, just saying and I am sure nobody would ever do that, right? Especially since it would an offence if caught. (At least this is how it is Vic)

Most of our governments are doing the same. Just a guess that despite claims made, the underlying reason is it puts dollars in private pockets and those pockets are voters, and it moves liability for ‘delivery and management’ from government in the first instance to the private company.


Was there information available when you originally purchased the personalised plates advising it was the case? If you were, it is possibly something that you accepted when you made the decision to purchase them.

I do wonder why personal plates have an annual payment above and beyond standard issue plates. It possibly will fall back to a revenue raising exercise for those who chose to be different.

You have an option to not renew your plates and go back to the standard issue plates if the annual cost is a concern.


I didn’t buy them my husband asked me if i would want a yearly subscription for my birthday I thought it would be a magazine!

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I agree with you that it should be recyclable mabe a fresh coat of paint would be good. Or as you suggest a sticker.

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Because NSW realised that they can gouge motorists for it.

Lifetime friends on my wife live in Newcastle and have had plates for years which represent the wife’s initials and D.O.B. but this was before RTA got greedy so they only pay the normal rego.

Qld Personalised Plates are a one off payment.

On the other hand, when we bought a number of near new ex Governement commercial vehicles at a Qld Governemnt auction over 30 years ago, they had to be registered and new plates were issued.

They were all part of a batch of defective plates which had to be replaced to avoid fines.

Qld TMR accepted no responsibility for their defective plates and persisted in charging some outrageous amount for each one, and all had different numbers.


You don’t have to. You may choose to if that is what is required to ‘own’ particular licence plates. Noteworthy that not all states charge annually. We had personalised plates in the ACT and it was a once off fee; thereafter is was standard rego. In fact we were also able to reserve a sequence of plates for a once off fee.

So it seems that depending on how you look at it your state government is either more canny or more greedy than some of the other state goverments.