Contaminated rockmelon recalled after two listeria deaths

Major supermarkets recall rockmelons after 15 people fall seriously ill. Health and food authorities are urging people to throw away any rockmelons they’ve already purchased as a precaution.

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I heard about this on the news recently, so presumably the contaminated melons have been removed from shelves? I’m eating a rockmelon, which my wife tells me wasn’t purchased from Woolworths as I browse new topics this morning.


As the incubation period for Listeriosis is up to six weeks, unless one froze rockmelon it is highly likely that the rockmelons would have been consumed by now.

I feel for the farmer as Listeria monocytogenes is common in the environment and it is unfortunate that the crop was contaminated by some infected source. It is also more problematic on fresh produce as cooking kills the pathogen.

Here also is the NSW Health Factsheet on Listeriosis.