Consumer Warranty Wins

I’ve recently won two payouts from IKEA under consumer warranty. One settled by negotiation. Second one settled after NCAT negotiation failed. Both protracted and requiring dogged persistence.

  1. Cover panels and drawer/door fronts in kitchen don’t match. Different colour white and different finish. Because I purchased the $99 in store design service, I was able to claim service not adequate. Had I picked items myself I would not have had a claim. All fronts replaced and compensated for install labour.

  2. Under cabinet light failure. These were hard wired lights with power points and USB charger, costing $450 for the lot. One light failed and they did not have parts. I think these were withdrawn from OZ as I doubt they met code. Cost of lights replaced plus payment for 4 hours electrician and one day Chippy.

Questions? Ask away!

Have you had a win? Share!


Well done, and good on you for chasing it/them. If faulty products ad/or service, are not challenged, they will continue to be supplied…we have to stand up for our rights, and you did.


Glad to hear it went well with NCAT.

I’m there later this month taking G Brothers and Mercedes Benz. Have found similar with MB, there support after sale is dismal.

They seem to think it’s ok to sell a car with functions, and then remove some functions while still in the warranty period.

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I can tell you that I got a result from an Ikea complaint (about a sofa bed that had plastic hinges, right where you sit down before you lie down - meaning it was guaranteed to fail with any usage) too, but it was like pulling teeth.

You have to go there in person and be suuuuupppperrrr persistent.

But it was worth it when they’re responsible for soooo much landfill from their ‘fast furniture’ …