Consumer warnings

I have a Foxtel account and when I asked for technical assistance, was NOT warned there would be a $100 fee. I had a CCTV installed where Jim’s Antennas changed the Ethernet cable from my TV (not the IQ4 box) over to the NVR box for the cameras.
Foxtel is saying the CCTV Technician used Foxel’s Ethernet cable for my CCTV. The Foxtel Technician switched the Foxtel box over to WI-FI, disconnecting the Internet (dable?). This had the desired effect in continuing to watch TV including Netflix.
I always needed to PC open to watch Netflix and Foxtel shows which was on WI-FI.
The CCTV Technician believes he did not touch Foxtel’s equipment. Hope you can untangle this for me!


I doubt we can provide you much advice from afar as it is common for house calls to be charged whether from Foxtel (a company by Fox (Newscorp) and Telstra), combining the ‘best of the worst’ of both as some see it. A $100 service fee is actually on the lower side in my limited experience.

That should be provable one way or the other. The cabler should be asked to provide a schematic of your ‘layout’ and how he changed it. Submit that to Foxtel. If Foxtel is correct you have to accept the fee, and you should claim it back from the Jim’s Antennas franchisee. If the Jim’s Antenna franchisee is correct you still received a callout and your entertainment system works as desired since you wrote

so the bottom line is ‘something’ cost you $100 and a question needs asking, if you understood a callout would be $100 and your system was not working as you wanted, what would have been your next step?


Foxtel, finally, caved in and reimbursed the full amount! Thanks for your advice, PhilT.


Well done for your perseverance and to Foxtel for doing the right thing. It is always rewarding to hear about a good outcome. Thanks for posting it :slight_smile: