Consolidating super from overseas accounts

Are there any services to recover / consolidate super from overseas? Anyone had any experience with this?

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Hi @swampy.1973,

I expect that this would be a highly sepcialised area that many people don’t need to do.

The ATO has some basic information on tax treatment of such fund transfers. Macquarie and others also have some information about such transfers.

If I was in such a position, I would possibly speak to my super fund in Australia to see if they could assist and also to the foreign super fund to see if it was possible (with the legislative requirements in the country when the fund is held) and that is required from their end.

Since is is specialised, possibly seek a financial specialist with the necessary experience to assist you. Make sure you obtain a copy of their fee disclosure statement so that you can gain an appreciation of the likely costs involved. The google search above does find some professionals which may be able to help as a starting point.


Thank you for your reply.