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Recently i had my health insurance renewed but now im not so sure i should have done it. I originally did a online inquiry through compare the market and they are still quite good but they can be brutally pushy at the same time. I said to the person on the phone i wanted a better deal as i was wanting to budget a bit more and he kinda pushed me into a deal where i was paying no less than what i rally wanted. I still kinda feel a bit mislead by how he pushed me into a cover which seemed like to me as if all he wanted was a sale. Im just warning other consumers i have rung them before but i find them a bit abrupt. Its probably because the insurers want them to sell there products on behalf of them. And at the end i got sold a meercat seemed like they were more interested in selling that idea.

Choice acn i get your opinion on how to avoid getting caught out next time. I kinda fall for how they target people maybe i need to be more assertive and just say no to what they want me to purchase. They remind me of a pushy sales person in a place like harvey norman or a car sales man. Bit like pressure selling which they do well. I wonder if they get commission from that sort of work i mean ‘compare the market’ .


They are paid a fee for every person they sign up, this is similar payment for all the companies they represent so they are not favouring one company of their selection over another. You aren’t directly charged this amount but you can bet it is built into the cost of the premiums. Compare the Market also do not represent the entire market but only compare across a number of them so they want to sell one of their selections rather than have you choose one that they are not linked to, as this leads to a loss of revenue for them.


Compare the Market, Choosi etc only promote their own products. Try the government site for a more unbiased analysis.


This is info on their commissions and ones they compare…. It isn’t that easy to find on their website…well not as easy as it should be.

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This makes interesting reading as well…albeit being from 2014.

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I will never purchase a product form these aggregators - similarly I wouldn’t use openagent and others real estate aggregators either.
All you end up doing is paying more - the whole process is a con job.

I cancelled the recent health insurance policy because of compare the market gone back to who i was with. Leave sour note in there pushy way

This is from the Checkout:

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So, this is my experience with iSelect.

I used the web site to compare health insurance (yes, I was gullible back then) and I entered my real email and phone number (another big mistake). Then after a few minutes I got a call from one of the sales guys.

The first thing that he told me was he had gone though all my details and found the best match for me. Then I asked him what the policy was and how much does it cost. Because my understanding was, if he had found the best match for my needs, before he called me, he should have it with him.

Then was telling me “I have it right here”. Meanwhile I could hear him clicking his mouse and typing stuff one the keyboard. It took him good 30 seconds to give me an answer. The policy he recommended was not something I even got with the searches that I did when I entered my requirements in their web site.

So it must be something that would benefit them the most.

Then I told him that I dont want confirm that at that time because I was in the train and want to read more about it. He was then pushing me hardly to accept something via the phone. After saying no for more than 10 times I was able to end the phone call.

I strongly discourage people from using iSelect or Compare the market.

Finally I moved to a policy that Choice has recommend :slight_smile:


It isn’t a real comparison as they only include those companies that agree to pay the fee!

No disagreement with you, I had also included this in my post [quote=“grahroll, post:2, topic:13485”]
Compare the Market also do not represent the entire market but only compare across a number of them

The easiest way to politely end a call is to say at any point, “not interested please do not ring again, goodbye” and press the end-call icon.

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