Community Champions: a trial

Would you like to get more involved with CHOICE and the CHOICE Community?

We’re trialling a new program where you can opt-in to become a Champion of a topic that you feel passionately about. It’s flexible, so you set your own level of involvement, and we’re looking for multiple champions to work on various consumer and CHOICE-related areas of interest.

To kick things off, we’ve selected a Food Champion (@vax2000), a Recalls Champion (@Fred123) and a Digital Privacy Champion (@postulative). Many thanks to the brave three who have volunteered for the trial!

What kind of things will the Champions be getting up to?

Expect to see some new categories on the way, some challenges and some special reports to begin, plus more of the topics threads that you already know and enjoy.

We’re starting small, but if you would like to register your interest to become a Champion, leave a comment below with a suggested Champions category or send me a direct message and we’ll get in touch.


After trialling a few of the Champion’s Challenges and seeing some good activity around privacy and recalls, we’re happy to let you know that we’re going to keep developing the Community Champions groups and expand to different areas. The Champions have had a positive impact on helping inform and create our content, and we’d love this to continue.

With that in mind, we’ve had a few requests to join the Food Champions group and we’re happy to welcome @gaby and @phb into the group. We’ve also started a Solar Champions group, with some new activity happening at CHOICE in this area.

If you’d like to suggest a Champion or join an existing group, please get in touch :+1:


Hi Brendan,

Your first post above is showing as being Sep 18???


Yeah, if you hover over it reveals the full date. It has caused me to do a double take in the past too.


We’re pleased to announce we’re adding another Champion to the ranks. @Fred123 is our first Scam Stopper Champion, helping keep our Community ahead of the latest cons and scams with news and advice. We’re hoping to run some Champions Challenges in this area soon, keep an eye out for more.


Congratulations @Fred123.