Combi Oven & Steam Oven (or Microwave)

Having just transformed to apartment living, I am looking for a space-saving solution to cooking. I am considering replacing the convection oven with a built-in combination oven with a combination steam or microwave option.
I have searched the reviews in Choice but can only find a review on benchtop convection microwaves.

I’d love to hear
a) is there a review coming?
b) any opinions or recommendations for this cooking solution/


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the answer is probably no, although that article includes pointers in what to look for in a steam oven.

Choice selects products to test based on sales volumes with an occasional exemplar included to fit in budgets, so the probability is that steam ovens have a small market share and are expensive to acquire and test, so without substantial demand they have dropped off the ‘candidate list’, at least for now.

With the increase in flat dwelling I can imagine space becomes a premium and the tabletop products such as these

do not suit, not would anything that requires counter space. I changed your topic to ‘request a test’ because Choice staff might not have considered the aspect of space, just utility in their test planning.


Thanks so much Phil, this is a great reply. I now understand better why there’s little information on these. I don’t particularly want to spend the crazy money on a combo oven, but I see little options when it comes to saving space, you are correct that benchtop options are not a possibility either.
I will keep searching for info on either microwave or steam combo with an oven though


There has been some feedback in the forum in relation to one particular brand of Oven/Steam oven:

While this is a particular brand, it may be worth doing some searches online to see if any models you may be interested in have common problems…particularly since they are an expensive appliance to purchase.


I have found two things that tend to cut down on or totally negate the use of fixed stove tops and ovens. They are firstly portable induction stoves, single or dual plates. They can be stored away after use. And Convection Microwaves, as most people have a Micro anyway just increase the size a bit and get the benefit of a fan forced Convection oven. Where the oven would go is another cupboard (store the induction plate there) and where the stove top would have been is bench top. Mostly useful if a smaller family but some of the larger Convection Microwaves have a fairly large capacity but look for around the 34 litre or better if intending to invite friends over for a dinner to accommodate the roast etc :smiley:

Cleaning of the Microwave can be an issue but if cleaned after every cook they are easier to maintain than if left for a few uses before the cleaning. Our’s has a two level tray system that allows two items to cook at the same time and is a 42 litre one so is quite a big item on the bench.

I forgot to add that using baking bags in convection use or even with spattering foods in the Microwave saves a lot of mess and cleaning.


It seems you may not have lived in a flat for awhile. Most have little counterspace and less cupboard space. If space is consideration 1 it will probably be a built-in.


Perhaps but if like my Aunt’s the small kitchen still had an oven in the bench with stove top, on removal (after it died) we installed a cupboard there for her and used as I suggested above a portable Induction plate with a 27L Convection M’Wave on the bench. After doing this for my Aunt we decided it worked well for us as well, so we went to portable Induction plates and a large Convection M’Wave. Our Induction plates hang off hooks under our above bench cupboards. We didn’t get rid of the gas cooktop but it now sits under a plywood cover that is flush with the rest of the bench, we have a few family (14 G’kids and maybe more yet) at times over so sometimes it gets used. It may be an option or it may not, I thought it worthwhile to mention in case it worked.

I like the ceramic and induction built ins as you can use them as extra bench space for prep when not cooking on them, Induction I think is probably better as they cool off faster in my opinion. For us though we can take the two induction plates out to help out when other family members have larger crowds, so we went portable.


Thinking outside the box! An interesting idea depending on where the oven cavity is and the dexterity of the householder and their inclination to move things about for each use.


Agree PhilT
I have limited counter space and limited cupboard space.
If I

  1. replace the convection oven with a combo convection & steam/or/microwave
  2. replace the full sized dishwasher with a drawer size

I will gain 2 cupboard space areas to install a drawer or cupboard where both the microwave & half the dishwasher would have been… and… I lose no bench top.

Sure it’s an expensive solution, but I am planning on living here for a while, so storage and comfort is paramount.

As recommended by Choice, I will venture out to the display stores to see if I can get a demonstration before deciding what to do.

Thanks again for your assistance


That is not what I wrote.

For clarity

It becomes a cost benefit analysis for Choice to use scarce resources (eg budget, lab space, staff time) for the best outcome for the most subscribers.


Why is Choice no longer doing reviews on steam ovens and combo steam ovens?

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Welcome back @marg3055

I have moved your post into this existing topic on those types of ovens.

@PhilT in this topic has advised some of the reasons that these may not be being reviewed currently and there is some advice about what to look for when buying even without the benefit of a review.

Some of the reasons still stand true and mostly are a limited budget to review all possible types and thus the almost imperative that only most sold in the market qualify for testing. With a larger membership and thus a bigger budget more items would be possibilities to test but this does require a largish growth in membership. Having said this, if enough interest is shown CHOICE does listen and it will drive the possibility of having testing done.

Thank you for your interest in these ovens, and I hope the information in this topic may help you.

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That’s unfortunate. There doesn’t seem to be any information here. It’s the biggest new thing in ovens and very difficult to find information that would help making a decision if the technology is right for you.

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When we renovated our kitchen 8 years ago we installed two Miele combos, steam/oven, micro/oven. They are expensive but the steam oven is hands down the best investment and get the most mileage of all the appliances. We didn’t set out to get a combo but at that time the only model with a hidden water tank (so that you still have full width of the oven) was only available in a combo.

The micro/oven combo on the other hand is an overkill for us as we hardly cook with two ovens at the same time. If we are to choose again, we’d go with a steam/oven & micro setup as that suit our style of cooking more.

Hope that help.


Thank you for your comments, very helpful. It is such a pity that it’s so difficult to find reviews or user comments about steam ovens. I think I will go for it. There is a very good offer on the Asko ovens at the moment so it makes it a bit easier to take the plunge. I’m with you about the combi microwave.

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If you search the site you will find some user feedback on some Steam Combos. There isn’t much feedback so even if they are an emerging trend they may still only be a very small proportion of the market. Your request will have been noted and you may see reviews by CHOICE starting to appear and Thank you for making the request as it does help inform what needs to be looked at. I encourage all members to ask/request for products to test. At the moment for your particular need there may be other sites where you can also get some idea of what to consider eg ProductReview.

One way to get more items reviewed is to encourage our friends and family to join CHOICE as members. This will add to the budget available to be spent on sourcing more products to test. Another way is to make a donation and or to include a bequest in our wills so CHOICE’s work can continue for our and our families betterment.


No worries, you won’t regret your decision on a steam oven as it is so versatile and convenient. Good luck with your purchase!

Unless you get one that rusts as linked above Combi Oven & Steam Oven (or Microwave) :grimacing:

For the problem described it may take some years for it to become apparent. No CHOICE test is going to be able to identify such an issue.

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Hi marg3055, I have the AEG Combi steam oven with the rust problem, which I posted about over a year ago.

Despite the issues I experienced, I would highly recommend cooking with a Combi Steam/Oven.

These are the things I would look out for in my next Steam Combos:

  • Not purchase it from Harvey Norman due to customer service when there is a problem
  • Would not buy another AEG product
  • Ensure the steam generator has a different set up to the one I had. Refer to my post in July 2020 for photos of rust where the dish stores the water. Apparently, AEG has modified their design as explained by their customer care. I have not checked as my experience has put me off using their product again.
  • I would buy one with a stainless steel interior as opposed to the enamel interior which seemed unable to withstand heat and steam, thus resulting in the rust problem.
  • I would check the Product Review site for any complaints with the brand/model that I am thinking of buying. Unfortunately, I could have avoided the problems if I had checked 8 years ago. The rust problem had already surfaced with shoppers who bought the oven 3 years prior to me.
  • With the above points to tick off at my next purchase, I can reasonably guess I won’t have to deal with the same issues again.

I wish you well with your choice of purchase.


That’s great information thank you so much. :sunflower::sunflower: