Coles Specials Shonkies

We received an email from Coles at Flybuys yesterday listing some specials on items that we have previously bought.

I previously bought these blueberries on 14.10.2021, 18.10.2021 and 23.10.2021 at $4.00 a pack and they were not listed as being on special.

I also bought a pack of limes on 21.10.2021for $5.50 and they were also not listed as being on special.

It appears that special means that the price of the blueberries increases by 25% and the price of the limes increases by over 43%.

Move along folks and hold on to your wallets.


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At the risk of stating the obvious supermarket price change all the time and you can choose to buy when the price suits you or not, so what is the point of complaining every time it happens? You may as well complain that you don’t like the colour of the sky.

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The blueberries are a new product and when Coles first stocked them recently, they had one of their green, white and black “NEW” signs at the display.

The have only been priced at $4 each, not on special, until now,

They are now on “special:” for $5 a pack.

Just like this Kogan scam.

Do you actually get it now?

That is the first time you have supplied that datum so no I didn’t get that nor did I relate it to the Kogan case because you hadn’t mentioned that either until now.

Now that you have brought it up I see only a very distant relationship. I do not expect to see any supermarket in court defending their changes of price for fresh produce nor their use of the word ‘special’.

The reasons are that it is just puffery and whether we like it or not that is accepted and secondly produce prices change in response to season and availability. You could have the situation where compared to the market the previously lower price was actually not a bargain and the now higher price is.