Coles Snowdonia Cheese Shonky

I posted regarding Coles dodgey pricing of Snowdonia cheese in another topic on 17.09.2020.

Yesterday, I discovered that Woollies also stocks pre-packed pieces of Snowdonia cheese.

They are exactly the same price per kg as Coles pre-packed Snowdonia cheese which is obviously the supplier’s RRP.

I also found this UK website for Snowdonia which lists the 200gm packs at £4.50 and the 2kg packs at £35.00 whilst Sainsbury’s UK website lists a 200gm pack at £3.40.

So. as I fully expected, Coles would be paying considerably less per kg for stocks of the 2kg packs, and in the absence of any competition for pieces of randow weight Snowdonia, they have seen fit to rip-off their customers.

Coles website lists no Snowdonia cheeses and the only Red Liecester listed is the Coles branded one, and whilst it is made in the UK, it is revolting.

Shame on you Coles.


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Whilst at our local Coles yesterday afternoon, I noticed that whilst they had no stock of random weight Snowdonia cheese in the deli section, the shelf price labels had been mysteriously updated with the price slashed from $75.50/kg to $60.00/kg.

They also now had Snowdonia Black Bomber as well as Snowdonia Red Leicester 150gm pieces in the dairy section.

The outers reveal that the importer and distributor is Quality Food World with their HQ in Melbourne.

And Coles website suddenly has Snowdonia Black Bomber cheese listed on it.

What a difference a day makes?

Dinah Washington. :slightly_smiling_face:

Assume Welch cheeses are best accompanied by a little singing. Likely a better pairing recommendation for the Snowdonia Cheese Company Beechwood (smoked cheddar) than Coles - “every style” of cold craft beer. Coles Shonky in more ways than just pricing?

For a more Aussie alternative and for which singing is optional:

Only $55/kg, regular non-shonky pricing at Woolies.

Pair with crisp green apple slices, lavosh crisp bread and a strong cup of black tea, or a Bavarian Style Lagger, or classic Aussie Cab Sav.