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Coles Raises Incompetence To An Art Form

After managing to get my papaya pricing problem resolved at our local Coles yerterday afternoon, I proceeded to purchase some items to make Seafood Laksa for dinner last night, including a jar of Ayam Laksa Paste.

As there was only 1 jar on the front outer on the shelf, I pulled the full outer behind it out and immediately found that 2 of the 6 jars had popped their tops so I put the outer in my trolley along with the single jar from the front outer.

I took it to the “service counter” and spoke to the same person who refunded the papayas and she said that she would take care of it, to which I said that I did not want anyone getting food poisoning.

This afternoon, I wanted to buy another jar to top up the laksa sauce, but when I looked at the outer, it was the same one I had handed to the staff member yesterday, minus 1 popped top jar, and with the other popped top jar missing the Ayam promo label on the lid.

I took the outer back again to the “service counter” and finally managed to get the attention of the single staff member manning the express checkout and doing everything else as per Coles “Too cheap to employ ample staff” policy.

When I explained the incident to her, she replied that the outer was just sitting inside the counter with no explanation as to why it was there, so it was put back on the shelf.

I have never seen a pop top jar in a store before that has already popped the top, let alone 2 in the same outer, and the cellophane wrap around seals were all still intact.

“Only at Coles where you just can’t help stupid”.



Does this mean no more bagging Woolies?

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I call out stupidity and incompetence as I see it. I don’t discrimminate between stupids.