Coles OOB Frozen Berries Special

When I was at our local Coles yesterday, I noticed that they had OOB frozen blueberries and mixed berries in the specials display at the end of the freezer aisle, which my wife uses for her breakfast smoothies, for an unbeliveably half price special of just $4.85 a pack.

I told my wife and she asked.if all varieties were on special so I checked the freezer aisle today where thay were all on special at 2 packs for $12, save $2. I looked under the special sign and the new normal shelf price was $7 a pack.

I bought a pack of blueberries and they actually scanned at $4.85 so I missed out on a freebie, but the entertainment value compensated for that.

Perhaps if you buy 2 packs, they are $12 but if you only buy 1 pack, the price is only $4.85.

Not a very good multi-buy.


PS. Shonky alert. I just noticed that the $4.85 packs are 450gm and 500gm but the 2 for $12 packs are only 300gm.

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The other interesting thing is the unit price on the 2 for $12 is based on the regular $7 price…and not the special price. I wonder if they should be displaying both unit prices?

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Probably not as if you only but 1 pack, you pay $7.

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When I saw “Packed in New Zealand from multiple origins” printed on the pack I decided to leave OoB Mixed berries on the shelf . :grapes: :cherries: :strawberry:


I just looke at the 2 x blueberries and 1 x mango in the freezer and they are all marked as Chile.

I have seen them marked as Chile, USA and NZ depending on the seasons but never "multiple origins’ or the country not stated.

I see that Coles website shows the new 300gm packs as “multipile origins” whilst the Woollies website shows the old larger packs as Chile.

Hopefully “multiplie origins” simply means Chile, USA & NZ and not China.

We would not accept Creative Gourmet berries if they offered to pay us to eat them after the 2 disasters involving contaminated product from China although I see that their products are now labelled as Chile and Vietnam so perhaps they have learned their lesson the hard way.

This is definitely a very backward step by OOB and we really need better legislation regarding country of origin labelling.

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