Coles "Free" Roast Chickens

An article regarding Coles offering free roast chickens at some stores if they run out of stock.



When I was at our local Coles the other day, I noticed that there were no roast chickens on display, but as there were no staff to be seen in the deli, I didn’t ask abour the free chook policy.

Today there were no Coles chooks once again so I did ask. The person was not sure if the policy was still in place and asked another staff member who also did not know, so she provided me with a free chook voucher.

Whilst there was no free chook offer banner on the warmer, the policy miust still be active as there were plenty of vouchers and they are valid for 7 days from the date of issue.

Looks like Coles roast chicken is on the menu at our place this week.

“Ask and thou shall receive”?



I went to our local Coles yesterday, and for the third time in a row, they had no roast chickens, and a woman said that the stock had not arrived.

I asked for a voucher and she replied that they were not allowed to give any out as the stock had not arrived.

It does not seem to be covered in the T & C’s on the voucher unless late deliveries are considered “equipment faults” which I would have thought referred to the ovens being faulty, not that a truck or a train may have been delayed by a breakdown.

I had to duck down to Coles this afternoon to get some potato fries for dinner and I noticed that once again there were no roast chooks.

I asked the woman in the deli who said that they were 15 minutes away so she would not provide a free chook voucher as it appears that customers are expected to hang around in the store until the chooks are finally ready to buy.

It appears that Coles has a cop-out for every occassion.

Whilst it is little wonder why they have removed their “Free Chook Policy” banners from the warmer, on the last 2 occassions when I have asked about a voucher, there was zero confusion regarding whether the vouchers still existed, just various excuses as to why they would not honour their policy.


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