Coles Fly Buy point problem

Now have had 3rd call and 4th or 5th email to Cole’s Fly Buy to have the credit for a $5939.96 purchase on 7 / 11 / 22 activated so that I can use it. Friendly staff I talk with but still have not been able to receive the points credit. Where do I go to next? Is there a Points Ombudsman?

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Purchase from which company? Coles? Another (former) member of that group of companies? Some unrelated but partner company (where purchases count towards points)?

Is the FlyBuys program administered separately from Coles? In other words, are you talking to Coles or to some other company?


Purchase was at Bunnings. Receipt has my FlyBuy account link showing. Discussions have been with ColesFlyBuy.

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I take it that Bunnings were no help, what did they say about your points not being available?

I don’t know what ColesFlyBuy is, the flybuys scheme is run by a joint venture owned by Wesfarmers and Coles called Loyalty Pacific who trade as Flybuys. Which one are you dealing with now?


Deal is with Coles FlyBuy who opperate the points. It is up to them to connect with Bunnings. ColesFB has copies of the receipt and payment. Lets see ColesFB sofrt out there problem

@geoffers, welcome to the community.

There are some exclusions to getting Flybuys at Bunnings:

Some exclusions apply. Points are not awarded for gift card purchases, donations, sausage sizzles, services (e.g. hire shop), delivery charges and Bunnings Marketplace purchases. Bunnings PowerPass account holders, plus commercial or trade purchases, are also not eligible to collect Flybuys points.

Were any of the exclusions in place for the purchase? If they were, Flybuy points won’t be awarded for the purchase.


What have you been told is the reason for the problem?

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Thanks for your note. The purchase did not fit any of the one you have mentioned. It was a standard purchase item.


Usually reward type points are accredited to an account by the retailer where the purchase is made. This occurs as the retailer where the purchase is made ‘pays for’ the points which are accrued. It possible that if you qualified for points, there was an issue at Bunnings end when information was being transferred to FlyBuys, such as the value of the points were not transferred.

It is also possible that FlyBuys won’t be able to add any points to your account as they might not have access to the Bunnings payment system to verify your purchases and that points should have been awarded - as this is usually falls to the retailer.

If you believe that you are entitled to points, I suggest that you follow up with Bunnings using their online webform or seeing the service desk when next in store. Make sure that you have receipt information and proof that points were not awarded (such as a original copy of any statement from FlyBuys). Hopefully they will be able to see what has happened in relation to the missing points and award points that you should have earned.


Thanks PHB. Visited Bunnings today and they brought up my transactions and said FlyBuys had been done as was shown on the original receipt. There advise go back to FB. Doing that is just a waist as they have done nothing in so many time emailing and talking with them. Now i’m looking for a retail/points ombudsman/person.

I don’t think there is an Ombudsperson for retail loyalty points programs.

You could try posting on their Facebook page to see if they respond/prompts action using this method. Sometimes it works for businesses as they don’t like seeing negative comments which can be seen by others.

The alternative is see if it is something the Office of Fair Trading will consider.


Bunnings only accepts flybuys cards, do not do any admin in relation to points…contact flybuys

I’ve been having problems with the incorrect number of Bonus Credits being allocated, on several occasions, during the current MasterChef Cookware promotion. I queried Coles online, who told me it was a FlyBuys issue, so I wrote to them online. I had read the T&Cs carefully-more than once-regarding the Bonus Credits, and the only brand in the list that had exceptions was Continental. To date, no reply from FlyBuys. I did, however, in the meantime, peruse Coles online and could see there is a separate tab showing Bonus Credit items within a brand, to filter your current selection. This annoyed me, as there were no specifics in the T&Cs, as I mentioned, other than Continental. Friday I did a very small shop, and two of the items purchased should have gained Bonus Credits, but only one Bonus Credit showed on my docket. When I got home, I rechecked Coles website. One of the items I purchased was Golden Circle Pineapple Slices-Golden Circle being a Bonus Credit participating brand. Search in Coles for Golden Circle shows something like 71 items, yet only 15 qualify for Bonus Credits! What the?? So I rechecked the T&Cs, and lo and behold, they have been updated with some specifics now. Thanks, FlyBuys, for not getting back to me. I only wish I’d taken an initial screenshot, because now, of course, I have no proof. (I’m learning the hard way…) But I can guarantee things have been altered, because initially I had no idea what sort of product I&J was (which was how it was listed), until I did a search and found it was seafood. Now it’s been updated to I&J fish. Very deceitful behaviour this far through the promotion. This sort of thing should have been completely pinned down at the very start.

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You could try searching WayBack machine - it’s a website that takes copies of very many websites over time, and you may be able to find one with the old T&Cs

I forgot to add a link -