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Coffee : What brand/s do you prefer to buy?



An interesting article regarding coffee drinkers.


Whilst reading the supermarket “sneak peek” catalogues this afternoon, I was amazed to see that our local Supa IGA actually has Bushells Coffee & Chicory Essence on special this week as I was under the impression it was a substitute for coffee due to WW II rationing and I had expected that it had disappeared decades ago.


I guess that everything old is new again.


It ha been available at Woolworths for decades…


We used to buy various fairtrade green beans from CoffeeSnobs (I highly recommend CoffeeSnobs) and roast them ourselves with a heat gun, but recently I’ve been buying fairtrade roasted beans from Coles, and grind them fresh every morning. My old Delonghi coffee grinder is still going strong, touch wood.


This post made me nostalgic for wonderful, aromatic, CoffeeSnobs coffee. I think I’ll have to go back to ordering coffee from them, though the postage to Darwin is a killer!


Instant: Moccona Classic

“Real”: Lavazza Qualite D’Oro


I’m the same as you vax2000 i don’t Coffee or even Tea


An article advising that a survey found that 50% of coffee drinkers prefer instant coffee.



My coffee of choice is Lavazza Oro coffee beans, freshly ground every morning,
and made in a small Moka Pot.
I heat some milk in a milk-saucepan and add enough coffee to make it the colour of Cappuccino.
Don’t have any more coffees during the day unless I’m out with friends.

Preferring Instant coffee to Barista made,
could be more a comment about the barista than about the coffee, although I
found that in Au they make better coffee
than even in Italy when I last visited.