Cocoa powder test request

The test could be using cocoa powder in a number of different control recipes (hot drink, cake, mousse etc) and see which cocoa powders produce the best result overall.

I sure Choice would be inundated with offers to be on the testing panel.


If it was to go ahead, may I suggest including cacao powder as well, as this is what I generally use.


That might be interesting if there was clear recognition of the difference between cocoa and cocao and if the products tested could be clearly identified as one or the other. The study could also consider the merits of “dutched” cocoa or not.

There would be all the opinions about aesthetics, which is healthier, the more natural, the most pure, has the better sustainability credentials, or what grandma used. Sounds like a lot of fun or a quagmire, or both.


Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll pass them on to the food testers :+1:


True. The Choice Team does however manage to navigate a similar range of choices and opinions with coffee.

Sustainability, preparation methods, health consequences etc seem to relate to both coffee and cocoa related products. It might become a concern for some if we added cocoa substitutes in a direct comparison.

I’d prefer Choice also spend some more time assessing special blend and regionally specific teas, brewing methods, leaf preparation … Possibly no need to discuss sustainability or health impacts, it’s tea. :wink:


There’s also carob, which many choose over chocolate products


Carob is not cocoa. Yes, some use it for perceived health aspects but it is not comparable to cocoa.

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As someone who cooks, a lot, each of the different cocoa powders (Dutch, natural then raw-cocao) each has its purpose in recipes. Sometimes you may swap them but overall, they have their purpose besides flavouring.

For the purpose of hot drinks or even chilled/cold drinks, personal preference is the criterion.

Quality is dependent on the manufacturer, origin and price. I generally use Callebaute as that is what is required in the recipes I use. It isn‘t cheap and isn‘t a supermarket item.

Testing all 3 types of cocoa powder will produce different results but not prove which is better overall.


So that is the raw powder you are talking about I have assumed. For others who perhaps don’t know once roasted it becomes what we call Cocoa (it was the english term derived from cocao). So some still term what is roasted Cocao (what we know as Cocoa) as Cocao.


How about an essay on the various uses of the different products and variations? Don’t be shy, we want to know!


I suspect that we are a typical household that only purchases one type of cocoa powder for use in all recipes…and don’t purchase each type to use a different one depending on the recipe. As cocoa powder lasts a long time in our pantry, having three would mean that it is likely that the cocoa powders would be long past their best before dates (esp. in relation to retaining flavour) before the packet is fully used.

Comparing the different types has merit for possibly most typical households who may only have one packet in the pantry ready to be used in a recipe. If one mostly uses the cocoa powder to cook cakes, then one found to be good in cakes would be of interest, likewise for other cocoa powder uses/recipes.


Testing for purity of product is probably the best choice, some have in the past had added flavours (not identified) so it is possible some are still using additives.


Hello, I use the Coles brand Cocoa. Just the straight up Cocoa powder. Stay away from the specialty Chocolate drinks as they are full of sugar and other rubbish. Cocoa straight up is quite good for you and contains naturally little if any sugar at all. Just add boiling water and some almond milk. You can get used to not having everything sweet, just a matter of educating taste.


You had me nodding in agreement until you mentioned almond milk. :woozy_face: Only my personal preference :grin:

I do get a special hot chocolate mix for my son because he likes it, he can use it easily and doesn’t trash my kitchen doing so. However, I do buy a special pure cocoa but my views on that are already on here.

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