Coca Cola gold cans are NOT necessarily caffeine free!

My dad purchased a box of gold diet coca cola cans (which are normally caffeine free). My sister has a heart condition, so he had her in mind when buying the gold cans. When he was buying the cans at the supermarket, he checked with the girls that he had the correct cans, as they had the Olympic Games symbols on them, so were slightly different to the usual cans. The girls assured him they were the ones he wanted, but when he got home and we opened the box and tried the first can, I noticed they tasted different to the usual ones. On closer inspection, I found that they were actually diet coke, but not caffeine free! The gold has been used for the special edition Olympic cans, which I thought was odd, given that is was misleading to consumers, who normally find diet coke in silver cans, and caffeine free diet coke in gold cans. Needless to say, my sister was unable to drink them. I rang Coca Cola to give them feedback about our experience, and they said they will send dad a gift card for the full purchase price of the box, as well as passing on my comments to their marketing team.

It (usually) pays to voice your complaints - any business or brand worth its salt will find a way to rectify the situation in some way. If they don’t, they’re not worth your patronage in future!

Hmm hopefully they’ll think a little smarter next time with their special packaging. An Aussie flag or green and gold would work just as well - even better, perhaps!