CluckAR 2 Launches/Feedback

CluckAR 2 has launched today!

CluckAR is a revolutionary little tool from the CHOICE New Things Lab, inspired by CHOICE’s tireless campaigning for better, more meaningful free range egg labelling. Download or update CluckAR and then hit the shops and scan free range cartons until you find a good egg.

A golden egg will appear to tell you you’ve found the real deal. If you score a golden egg, click 'Send us the shop’ and those eggs will appear on the Good Egg Map. Don’t forget to Tweet about CluckAR using the hashtag #GoodEggHunt.

For more info, check out the awesome video on how to use CluckAR or ask a question below.



A looser definition of free range farming is on the way.

I think it is time small egg producers who are doing the right thing with stocking densities came up with a new label, rather than the now meaningless “free range” for their eggs.


Hi all,
In today’s (21st January 2021) Choice Insider, there is a special emphasis on free range (or not!) supermarket eggs. This sounded great as obviously much attention to honest advertising and information is needed - and Choice is offering the CluckAR app free to people. The idea is to be able to scan the top of the egg carton and the App will reveal how the company rates re being truly free range, or not so, or not at all.
Sounds great!
However, the App does not seem to work - and from the 124 reviews there were a number of folk (like me) bitterly disappointed. There is therefore a rating of 3.8, if I remember correctly. Unfortunately I could not see anywhere that I could leave a one star rating to add to the list.
All I get after scanning the top of the carton is a blank screen, which after a few seconds then goes to the Apple logo, and my iphone boots up again.
So sorry that this App does not seem to be working. The idea is fantastic.
Thought I would let people know so that others are not equally frustrated and disappointed as Choice’s article on the eggs is good!


I haven’t had quite the same problems as you, but I have also found it less than desirable. I have uploaded ++ photos, in an attempt to improve the range of South Australian egg producers available in the app - with not much joy.

Instead of Cluckar, I now use the SA part of this article (I saved it in my email’s Draft folder, for ready reference: you could choose another source) - I have found it easier to use than Cluckar…

PS I haven’t opened the Choice Insider email yet!


We have no problems as we only buy FNQ barn raised eggs from Yamagishi.

I just tried CluckAR and found the scan result disappearing too quickly.
There was no simple way of leaving the Ap.
The Ap asked me where I bought my 2 lots of superior eggs (real grass pastuer and 45 or 200 hens per hectare) but did not allow me to write down the name of the Shop, a brand new Harris Farm shop, selling better eggs than I have seen in any other Harris Farm shop.
I found both brands of eggs on the chart


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll be sure to pass this on :+1:


Loving the new Cluckar App but the eggs from both my local supermarkets are coming up 5 stars. How do I tell the world how good they are. Can’t seem to add a location to the app.


Welcome to the Community @LyndallB

I have moved your post into this already existing thread/topic about the CHOICE CluckAR app. I hope someone will be able to get the answer for you. CHOICE Staff always are looking at these topics so I’m sure you will get a response.


Agreed. It asked me to add the shop, brought up my town but didn’t allow me to enter the shop. I also scanned eggs from our other supermarket which had come up 5 stars last week and they didn’t show up by scan or list! Great app but teething problems and confusion.


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Where has the CluckAR App gone?


Perhaps one of the CHOICE Staff can answer your request.

Attn: @BrendanMays @jhook @jzarate


Hi @mhlowson,

Over the last couple of years usage of the app has declined and unfortunately it was no longer viable to continue to develop and support the app. We’ll continue to provide advice on eggs though, you can find more info on our site:


Sad face.

A great little app. Shame it’s gone. My phone is the poorer for its loss.

(I’m late to the party here, but only realised having moved to a new town, new supermarket, and need to find which of their eggs I could trust).

- Greig.


Thank you for that information. I have deleted the app and printed a list of real free-range eggs. Very much appreciated!