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Club Jetstar warning - opted in to autorenewal without consent a second time

I joined Club Jetstar for $49 in early 2019 to get a discounted price on a return flight. The discount was greater than the membership fee so it was worth it.
Unbeknownst to me, they put an autorenewal on my (all!) membership(s), and the first I knew about it was when they charged my credit card $55 for another year’s membership in early 2020. They didn’t mention it during the flight booking or at any time after that.

After complaining to them, they stated that they did not provide refunds, and that I could have opted out of autorenewal. It turns out there is a menu in the account settings labelled “club jetstar” where you can cancel the autorenewal if you know it is there. Of course I had never logged into the account after booking the flight - why would I?

After my vigorous complaint, they finally refunded me, stating the following:

" Please be advised that we don’t have any record of a request or action from you to cancel the auto-renewal of your membership - therefore payment was taken, and it was renewed.

For your reference joining and annual membership fees are non-refundable. However, as a gesture of goodwill on this occasion only, I have cancelled your membership and requested that a refund of AUD $55.00 for your renewal fee be processed back to the card used to make the payment."

Fast forward to today, and I receive an email:

"Due to the ongoing travel restrictions across Australia, we are extending your Club Jetstar membership by an additional 6 months. This will give you more time to enjoy your member benefits as travel opens up again and we can all finally reconnect with the people and places we love.

If your membership is set to be auto-renewed, your renewal won’t be processed until the end of the complimentary extension period. "

Even though I didn’t have a current membership! I logged into my account, and sure enough, the autorenewal has been activated again.


I just tried to complain via return email to their email but their system has rejected it - they sent me an automatic report stating: “without a ‘Case ID’ your email won’t reach a team member.” It appears the only way to contact them is to do live chat, which states they are very busy and will only talk to people who are flying in the next 48 hours…


You might have better luck with a chat via (if this is not the chat you tried)

if you are patient to wait for an agent.

We aim to resolve all customer complaints on the spot via Live Chat. If we’re unable to do that on the day, you’ll get a case number and our Customer Resolutions Team will get back to you.