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Clothes dryer review

Wondering which clothes dryer to buy? Get advice in our clothes dryer buying guide or see our comparison of models from Bosch, Miele, Samsung, Fisher & Paykel and more in our clothes dryer review (member content).

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We’ve recently updated our review, use it to find the best clothes dryer (member content) for your needs.


Do you really need a dryer? We look at the pros and cons.


We have found in Brisbane, no. We have a drier which has been handed down to us from inlaws when they bought a new one, and in the 20 years we have had it, it has been used…zip, nil, zero times.

In this time we have even been through a period were we used modern cloth nappies and in a work environment where a high change of clothing was required (working outdoor in the field or in smelly conditions). We generally hang washing on the old 60 year old Hills Hoist in the backyard on sunny days…or if we need to wash on a wet day (which we try and avoid), we hang it under the house where it dries usually in a day or two.

The only downsides to hanging on the clothes line is possibly aditional effort to hang and retreive and also that the sun’s UV tends to slowly fade the fabric colours (especially natural fibre fabric which we tend to use).


Depends on your circumstances. If you live in a unit that does not allow hanging of clothes in outside areas then a dryer could almost become a necessity, if you are unable to reach a line to hang the washing on then it could also be a benefit. If you can use a line or a drying rack then it saves money and helps to reduce power generation needs. If you live in a very rainy area then it could also save time and effort if you have a dryer.

Horses for courses.


In my case: no.
At my house there was a good
Hills hoist in the back yard, or on a wet day there were clotheslines in the double
I found no need for a dryer to take up space in the laundry, add to the cost of the power bill, and to maintenance and repairs.
Now there’s even less space in my flat, and I can access the Hills hoist in the common area, or place a clothes airer near the open balcony door.
Clothes actually dry faster in a strong breeze, even if in the shade, than in a windless sunny day. And Melbourne doesn’t lack windy days.
Of course it does depend on the size and age of the family if a dryer would become a necessity.


We’ve awarded Australia’s best clothes dryer brand (member content), see the winner below:


Still waiting to use our 35+ year old Simpson hand-me-down in Brisbane. Have had it for about 16 years and still waiting to use it. I worry that the first time we do, we may be toasting marshmallows.


Sadly even that manufacturer makes some lemon dryers. I can show you one in my laundry. It has been completely reliable for 9 years and counting, but operationally it has issues with design that cause lots of irritation. Many posts on the net about the same thing(s). Unsurprisingly the model was short lived as appliances go.

The moral is buying the best brand helps your odds, but the specific product is what matters.