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Clive Palmer and his unsolicited SMS messages

I have received two of these. After the first one I went on his party’s web site and let it be known that I was not impressed and it does not in any way encourage me to vote for his party. I also expressly aked to be removed from his calling list. Didn’t make any difference.


Political parties are exempt from the Privacy Act and therefore don’t have to allow you to opt out and bypass the DNC register.

A report recommended this be changed back in 2008, but it still remains.


IMO Clive Palmer is about a big a nuisance as there is, and he has sent me an unsolicited SMS this afternoon, with no option to reply (I really wanted to tell him what I thought!) and no option to block the number… a number which doesn’t appear to be included anywhere in the call info.
How is this possible? Does the Do Not Call registry not apply to SMSs?


There is a way to reply…

If everyone who received the SMS sent Clive a polite email or message through Faceless, then he night get the message.

Just a word of warning, don’t give your personal contact details in any messages as they are most likely to end up on a list used for future election spam.

Unfortunately, it seems to be election spam in the name of political advertising, which is protected by the Electoral Act.


Also received one of these text messages. A real pain, especially if the practice increases.


unfortunately that involves sending an email, with all my details, so I’ll just have to leave it for now, but I will be telling anyone who suggests voting for Clive what I think of him and his party!


Use a masked (disposable) email address. There are a few providers of this type of service and even Outlook/Hotmail/ allows you to have up to 10 aliases at a time (there are some considerations about removal but still useful). For an article in Lifewire about the Outlook one see:

For Gmail: The address for your temp mail is on the top line after TempMail (see the snip/image below)

There are more out there, this was just a sample of some of what is available.

If you want to go a little further you could also try generating a fake id at:


That’s all good if it was something I had an actual use for, but I’d rather not waste another 5 or 10 more minutes of my life setting up to reply to Clive :wink: I’m sure he’s aware of the general population’s opinion of his stunt!

Even if he sends me SPAM X 100, I still wont be voting for him!


The other option is to use one of the free online email sending platforms like this one…

I suspect that the email addeess of the recipient when using such sites is added to spam lists…so one should possibly think of the unintended consequences for the recipient…or not.


Try giving your email address in the format of


Clive has done it again, this time he is claiming “When elected, UAP will ban unsolicited SMS political text messages which LNP and ALP have allowed.”

Clive, if you are reading this, I’m still not voting for you! Now stop being such a hypocrite!


I know that political parties are exempt, but I did let it be known that such tactics will ensure the opposite for me. I won’t vote for them and certainly not him.


Those that would vote for CP might take the angst writ here as justifying their support for CP?

I’d like to think that the staff manning the local polling booths here on the Sunshine Coast for CP are paid to do so. Any thought it might be a conscious decision to volunteer is an overload of the logic circuits?

No SMS here yet, although in prior years there have been some interesting unsolicited personal calls from other political parties!


I called after the first one and then I received a 2nd one… Hypocrisy at it’s best ’
When elected he will stop unsolicited political text messages witch ALP and LNP have allowed.’ Called them again and they asked for my number so that I will be removed… didn’t give them my number and threatened legal action.


First one was about fast Sydney trains and second one was about him stopping unsolicited texts (just like the ones that he is sending)


I don’t live on the Sunshine Coast and do find it quite stunning who gets elected from there.


Political circumstances. Many Australian’s appear welded onto the same political party or view point. The Sunshine Coast region has been a bastion of conservative voters from it’s country/rural beginnings to a demographic that now has many self sufficient retirees and an ever increasing population of self employed. The last observation relates to the early morning traffic down the M1 to Bris-Vegas being a rough guide.

Perpetual incumbency of any political persuasion can lead to complacency with disaffected voters turning to the next nearest alternative. This is my naive assumption formed as part of the community in 6 different electorates we’ve lived in over 30 years in Qld. It’s neither unique nor special to the Sunshine Coast, or even Qld. I could ask why many other parts of Australia EG harbour side suburbs of Sydney always elect members from one side of the political spectrum.

I just accept it as part of the political world, and hope that next move of home is to a more marginal electorate, irrespective of which party the local member has chosen to be part of. As Choice has shown through some of it’e successful lobbying/campaigns, it matters more that we engage with our local MP’s than not.

P.S We’ve more than once lived in electorates that returned MP’s from Pauline’s party, or with just the edge of the electorate between us and Katter country. The people in these communities and electorates are no different to those we’ve lived and worked in In NSW or know elsewhere. Distance from Canberra might be the one concern that is most common. Some might even say the further the better?

For a slightly lighter look at the year ahead in politics.
Things could be worse? Look to Australia’s Mining Monthly.
It’s not the reserve of conservative thinking as some might expect: (Courtesy of the New Daily).

As leader of the Opposition in this take, one challenging future issue is whether Julie Bishop gets her Red Shoes back!


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I haven’t (yet) gotten one but when a friend of mine mentioned it, I was disgusted. I already had a poor opinion of CP but getting unsolicited spam would be enough to tip me to irrational hatred, or something close to it. It kind of bums me out that some people probably will go ‘oh yeah, I’ll vote for this guy because making stuff like this stop is something I have feelings about!’


Is he also sending these messages to all the former QNI workers who were shafted?