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Climate change and the consumer - news

The latest Oscars presentation from the ABC.

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An article regarding research into geothermal energy.

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One of the comments on this piece refers to “coal bludgers”. That phrase might have legs. :grin:


The COALition is still dreaming about “HELE” coal-fired power stations. I’ve always considered that meant High Emissions, Low Efficiency, but as Simon Holmes à court suggested the other day, the most advanced coal fired power stations are SLIME - slightly lower intesnsity, more expensive!


Agree - what worked in the past was under different conditions to present day.


Things are not looking good:

A comment from the people at Juice Media (warning, strong language):

And a little bit of depressing art:

Perhaps something might acrually happen.

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Nup. This proposal is the kind of thing that is required but it is too clear, too unavoidable with no wiggle room. Which is why the present government will not touch it. They want to have two bob each way, to look like they are taking action to appease the moderates within and the public without but to not seriously crimp the style of the big emitters.


The accumulated debt of the industrial revolution is now due for payment. The debt and the repayments will continue to rise. How long the rise continues is down to what we do (or fail to do) from now on.


I just happened to watch it after my brother-in-law emailed me the link this afternoon.


What an absolute classic.

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Hi all, just a reminder that this thread is NOT for debating the existence of climate change. If you’re interested in having that type of discussion, you’ll need to visit another part of the internet. Climate change and it’s effects or potential effects on consumers are frequently in the news, this thread is to capture that news and for any discussions around the news topics. Please feel free to flag any posts that you feel breach the forum rules or this guideline.


The impact of a single degree of warming:


Putting our consumer concerns in perspective.

Such things could never happen in Australia, could they? The reactions of some in business, politics and even in this forum make me wonder.

The Bill.


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Even the crew are starting to abandon the ship.

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Text of the Chief Scientist’s 12 February address to the National Press Club. Consumer impacts are quite evident.

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An interesting article regarding climate change.

I wonder which ones should we consider the most important impacts on consumers?

It would have been more meaningful if Finkel could have put an economic cost to the nation of the additional investment required in firming capacity to balance all the investment in renewables.

Perhaps more an aspirational presentation than factual? Although Finkel did take time to argue for Climate Change Science, which is factual.