Cleaning and other uses of Bi carb of soda

Being very sensitive to the smell of most proprietary cleaners I’ve always looked for less harsh on the senses substitutes to clean with . My grandmother put me onto using Bi - carb of soda as a cleaner along time ago . There is quite a lot of internet info to be googled out there . Always remember when Googling the Americans call Bi-Carb of soda baking soda . Baking powder is just Bi-carb with cream of tartar added for acidity . A good Australian usage link is below .

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Hope this helps others who are chemical sensitive .


I just like to use the most simple of chemical cleaners and find bicarb soda to be the most efficient cleaning chemical of them all. It replaces nearly every single modern cleaning product which save you a lot of money, a lot of cupboard space, and it comes in a cardboard box instead of multiple plastic bottles. It’s a winner for everyone!


We both take it daily as read on the internet an Italian Professor and chair for Oncology in Italy discovered by accident a petri dish had still go bi carb in it and it killed cancer cells. So he advises it as precaution.
Just a teaspoon in water at breakfast and it tastes fine.
These days since we know we are what we eat, anything that helps keep us healthy is welcome.

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Bi-Carb is OK but I prefer borax. It’s natural, has detergent properties, great for cleaning carpets (use dry). Bugs hate it, so does mould. Adds extra oomph to laundry powder (or you can use less).

Great for cleaning mould off bathroom ceilings.

Check out


I use it for cleaning most things. Not because I’m chemicals sensitive, but because it’s effective, cheap and environmentally safe.
So I clean cups when they have that brown stain on the inside, spots on walls, sink, all stainless steel in fact, glassware, bathroom, and many other places. I think the main advantage is that it’s non abrasive.


Is bi carb the best for cleaning toilets or will it affect septic tanks ? Robyn


No Way! It is great for toilets!


I’ve used carb soda for years for cleaning everything. Have recently started using it instead of toothpaste - sometimes with a bit of coconut oil. Best thing ever for cleaning bath or shower recesses.


I put it in a small bowl, leave it in the oven to absorb the smell. In the fridge, cover with glad wrap/plastic wraps, pierce some holes.
Soap scum cleaner for shower screens and tiles, washing basin/sink, sprinkle in the drain for cleaning and odour absorber, sprinkle in toilet bowl then scrubbed with brush.

Also great for cleaning stainless steel kitchen sink, laundry sink, kettle, toaster (brushed exterior, not shining exterior, always tested a small area first.).


Hi @houzer, you’re quite entitled to your view on this, and to my knowledge bicarb soda is used in a range of antacids and as a home cure to upset bellies. However, you might this article from Cancer Research UK of interest, which looks at the evidence behind different myths and theories you’ll find on cancer treatments.


Yes thanks read the article. Thing is it never harms us and is used widely in the body for teeth even my dentist recommended it years in place of toothpaste.

But mainly cant take it as read just because the Cancer Council says so, imagine how much losses occurs in this huge industry if proven it did stop cancer!
Like all things pharmaceutical these days, statin pills come to mind as recent show of selling for profit rather than for consumer health. Whole industry is based on profit before anything else which is why they hold lovely free seminars for GP’s etc. to push their products.
Cynical maybe. But these days Greed is king.


An article regarding using baking soda and heated vinegar to cleans stainless and drains.