'Cited' Identity and Background Checks

Has anyone had to deal with CITED the agency that checks personal identity and background for job applications? I have never heard of it until last week.

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It looks like a Brave New World. I haven’t had to deal with this company. Do you have specific concerns?

https://cited.com.au/ Bright People Technologies Pty Ltd ABN 45 122 811 714

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Not Cited, but with agencies like Cited which do background checks on potential employees on behalf of a future employer.

Agencies like these have been gaining traction as it is a one stop shop for employees and saves significant time and effort to do all the checks oneself.

What were your dealings - as a potential employee or employer? If you were an employer, you may need to need gain the consent of potential employees to do such searches on them and also request the base information which allows checks to be carried out.

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