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Choosing a stonemason for a grave

Hi, after a long process, I have finally transferred ownership rights to our family internment site which was in the names of my paternal grandfather & his half brother. Now my younger brother and I want to spruce up the site and add a memorial for our maternal grandmother. Has anyone any tips or experience in using stonemasons? The cemetery has a list of approved artisans (can’t use anyone that is not on the list.

Not specifically. Why would it be any different to another tradesman?

At least in this case you can get a look at their work with little trouble. Once you have a short list ask for quotes including estimated installation date. When you have a favourite check references for timeliness and reliability, if they check out accept their quote.


To add to the good advice in the previous post;

Work out in advance what stone, what style font, and what embelishments you may wish used. Make sure all quotes are in writing and stipulate these things. Otherwise you may end up with something you are unhappy with.

As with other trades, do not pay up front. Pay a reasonable deposit. say 10-20%. Pay the balance on completion when you are happy with the result.