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I was very interested to see that Choice has started republishing some reviews / guides from The Wirecutter, such as this guide to the best smart doorbell cameras or this one for the best wireless charging phone mounts for cars.

I’d love to hear a bit more about this partnership, particularly around how Choice are selecting articles that are syndicated, how much (if any) these articles are being adapted or modified to fit the Australian market, and most importantly if Choice are independently testing these recommended products for local availability.

I’m a huge advocate of both Choice and The Wirecutter, and consider The Wirecutter’s articles to be among the best available, but unfortunately local availability is a huge issue with following their guides in Australia. A lot of the products they recommend are either completely unavailable, very difficult to locate, or priced dramatically higher than in the US so as to significantly alter the recommendation from a value for money perspective.

Looking forward to seeing more from this partnership in the future.


Hi @eugene,

Thanks for the question. We’re currently running this as a trial after being approached by Wirecutter - the content is provided at no cost to us. At the moment, the content is run with minimal changes, but we’re still deciding how it might fit with our normal offering and how we would treat this in the future.

We appreciate your positive feedback and will take it into consideration.


I’ve read Wirecutter prior to seeing articles on the Choice website, so I was interested too.

I was looking to feedback on a referenced product, however I notice I can’t get those articles in a search.
Depending the subject, I often find Wirecutter articles useful. Along with functionality, Wirecutter heavily weighs the price. This is the downside as relative pricing is often quite different here to those in the USA. Some brands are completely unavailable. For an Australian reader the “competition” section is mandatory reading. Our local prominent brands are often completely absent in USA.
Never the less my purchasing has been influenced and as a result I own 4 excellent sub $100 products.

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