Choice travel survey

I got an email request/invitation to participate in this travel survey.

I started, but couldn’t get very far. It was so badly designed, that I didn’t know which question I was answering - for example, it asked, on several pages, questions about “this airport”, but didn’t show which of the three airports I’d nominated the question referred to. Because there were dramatic differences between the airports, giving answers to questions about the wrong airport would have been worse than useless, so I stopped.

Another minor annoyance (which I worked out, but could trouble some people) was that there appeared to be no “next” button to take you to the next page. In fact there was, but you had to scroll waaay over to the right to find it.

I understand that Choice didn’t design this survey, but you really have to wonder whether the people who design them actually test them before making them live.

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Hi Fred,

Thanks for your feedback on the survey.

There were lots of cooks (i.e. countries with consumer organisations) involved. To ensure it worked for all of them compromises were made. Unfortunately that meant things like “this airport” had to be used - instead of a reference to whatever airport was selected, as we’d usually do it.

Point also taken on the survey tool and the next button. Again a result of using a common platform across many countries.

We know all this isn’t ideal, but it’s really important for us to hear it from you - and others who participated (or tried to participate), please.

It’s important so we can include this feedback into any future studies that are done in collaboration with consumer organisations globally.



Thanks Christina. I’d be happy to try again, but can you say what order the “this airport” questions are in?

Hi Fred - thanks again for your feedback. As @Christina said, it can get very tricky running a survey between 10+ countries and sometimes things get lost in translation.

Having looked at the survey a few times from my end, I think the easiest way to answer it for us Aussies is to take the survey by flight leg or flight with one stopover. We did raise the fact that many Australians will have sometimes two or three stopovers on their holiday/flight but unfortunately as Christina said we had to compromise in the changes we could make to the survey.

Again, we appreciate your feedback and participation. It’s really important Australia has a say in this international survey to show the difficulties we have with airlines and airports for long flights - a different perspective to most European responses.

Travel Policy and Campaigns Advisor

I had the same problem but for me it just kept getting stuck on the ‘rate your airport of origin page’ I would go back and try and refresh the page but it kept doing the same thing over and over so I gave up.

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