Choice sharing login email addresses with FB?

I was about to login to check out the Shonky awards, but a new development on the Choice website (sometime since I last had to log in, could be a few months) was a warning from FB Container that if I used my real email (no choice if I want to log in!) it could be shared with farcebook. I’d prefer not to share anything with them, nor become part of their product line for marketing purposes.

I’ve recently unsubscribed from a few groups due to this.

Does Choice share member emails with FB?


Hi @gordon,

Thanks for posing the question. We don’t share emails or any other personal data with Facebook. There is some analytics between our site and anywhere our site receives traffic. For example, if you click on a link from Google, Facebook or even another site, our website analytics give us some information in that regard, but definitely nothing personal goes either to us or from us. Our full privacy policy is here for reference.

We occasionally hear about problems with incorrect warning or trouble access the site when various privacy tools are installed. It could be a browser tool or another spyware system installed. I don’t know if that’s the case here, but it might be a possible explanation. If you let me know the details, I can pass it on to the tech team for attention.


I have seen a number of sites that want a logon, and offer you the option to use your Google, or Facebook ID. I typically decline that offer.
Choice is not one of them.


Thanks Brendan, latest version Firefox with FB Container extension installed, which is giving the warning.


Thanks, I’ll pass on this info :+1:


I clicked through from Google Chrome browser and didn’t get anything like that.

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Do you have the ‘facebook container’ extension? If so it might work differently on different browsers.

If you do not have the extension that is why you do not get the ‘red warning’


no, I don’t.

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There has been reports in the past of false positives with the Firefox extension. It could another one.

Maybe contact the FB container developers to see if Choice website is mistakenly causing false positives…something they should be able to code out.


Why would you share with "FARCEBOOK ?

“Facebook Container works by isolating your Facebook identity into a separate container that makes it harder for Facebook to track your visits to other websites with third-party cookies.”
This is a puzzle: why do you use an app designed for Facebook users when you’re so clearly not one of them ?

FB has many tracking mechanisms. Whether or not one has or uses FB, FB analytics can acquire your information from across many sites and sign-ons as it is entered. It is enlightening how many sites and forms are susceptible to FB tracking.

It is a matter of being aware of one’s lack of personal privacy as much as personal security.


Since my recent update, my iPhone shows a Privacy Report, today it says: " In the last seven days, Safari has prevented 110 trackers from profiling you and hidden your IP address from known trackers".
And the numbers vary from fifty to over a hundred each time.

I have been wondering who the Known Trackers are, and why such a huge number every day,
new ones or the usual suspects? :laughing::rofl:


Perhaps it is just Facebook trying to eliminate any competition for your data and privacy?


Gaby I was about to comment about that. Tells me the same on Safari.
I have never used FB (love the Farcebook reference… :joy:) to login to anything.


I’m not on Facebook either, Kathy :laughing:
Today it says safari has prevented 126
trackers! :laughing:

A little more info :wink:


I’ve found Chrome is the worst for sharing with Facebook. A Facebook cookie gets laid down almost as soon as you browse anything. I have been able to stop FB suggesting any ads by simply deleting cookies at the end of every browsing session.


@kathy2 In the Privacy Report page there’s a little shield: I’ve clicked on it and it shows details of the trackers:
I was looking at Real Estate and the main trackers are lots of google ( one is and Facebook!
I’m told Safari has prevented those from tracking me.
You might like to have a look at who’s trying to track you? :laughing:

Some browser extensions and anti-malware/AV products block ads and trackers to some extent. I have found a number of web sites where that breaks certain features from how they code pulldown windows to the online chat facilities.

Malwarebytes does not block everything to minimise what gets broken. I have no idea on the algorithm used to let various ads and trackers run, but I still have to occasionally disable it on a few sites. The simple control looks like this and I only ever disable the top option, and then for the time I need to use the feature on the particular site.


The more aggressive the extension/tool the more sites they break.