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Choice reviews archive?

I’m trying to find the Choice review of the Fisher and Paykel E522B fridge. When I google it, there appears to be a link for a choice review of that exact review but it just leads to the generic fridge page - which doesn’t contain that fridge. I’m looking at this fridge second hand and would like to l read the choice review.

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Hello & welcome to the forum.

I suspect what has happened is that the search show the 2017 review that the Fisher and Paykel E522B was in, but that information was updated this year and models which are longer available were removed.

It would be useful to have access to old reviews when buying goods second hand.

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There used to be a link to archived reviews… I had it once, but have lost it with computer upgrades etc. It was occasionally, a useful resource.

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Hi @Olbert, welcome to the Community forum.

Apologies, It seems like the old link is being redirected to a different page, I’ll chase this up with the team. Was this the review you were after (member content): Fisher & Paykel E522B?

For future reference, any reviews for discontinued/older products can be found by using the sorting features in the product finder on the left side of the review page. Down at the bottom you’ll see a section labeled “Related products”. From here you can select “discontinued” to add all discontinued items to the current reviews. Hopefully you find this useful in the future!

Let me know if I can help any further.


That’s the one!

Have you found that archived reviews link? That’d be pretty useful.

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If you search the model number such as ‘E552B’ rather than more generic terms such as ‘refrigerators’, the relevant page will be found.

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