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Choice Membership Renewal form - returning stub via post

I am a member and I also have a gift membership for my friend. My membership auto-renews but I prefer to have the gift membership manually reviewed each year.

I received the ‘renew your gift membership’ form and my preferred method payment is internet Bpay. Given that the Bpay payments have an associated Customer Reference Number, I assumed that I would not need to specifically notify Choice that I have made the payment. Or, at the least, I thought a phone call to advise of the payment would be sufficient.

I called Choice to confirm my assumptions, but I was told that I still had to return the paper slip even for internet bpay payments. I find this odd - if the payment itself already identifies me as the customer, why do I need to return the paper slip?

I don’t think there should be a need to advise of the payment at all, but if there is a reason, could a phone call not suffice? Is there information contained on the paper slip that I could not provide verbally in a phone call?

Manually addressing an envelope for the purposes of written remittance advice for electronic payments seems so unnecessary! Anyway I hope Choice will take this as feedback or as a suggestion for change in the way this is handled.


Hi @vanilla,

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. I’ll pass on your feedback to our finance department to see if we can improve this process in the future.


Thank you @BrendanMays.


Hi Paul @vanilla. I have done my renewals by Bpay for years and never informed the membership people of my payment. They have always renewed my subscription without interuption or question. Consequently, with their usual effficiency, in deallng with such matters I am uncertain why you have been asked to send in the paper slip.


Thanks @meltam that’s interesting, maybe next year if there hasn’t been any clarification then I will try not returning the paper slip.