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I have been an ACA member and Choice subscriber for many years. When the on-line service started, I was a little annoyed at the extra subscription, but what I needed seemed to be in the magazines anyway, so I didn’t pay. Lately I noticed an emerging disconnect between magazine and on-line. For example, I was looking at Convection Microwaves, on-line was member only, but it would be in the October mag - but that “Test” turned out to be a short list of recommended models. I bought a conventional recommended microwave.

Then my subscription was due. I was pleasantly surprised to find I could roll all my 2 yearly magazine subscriptions together, and for the equivalent cost of 3 months, get on-line access for 2 years. I am a convert, and now I am seeing a much wider range of test and advice material than what can be economically published in the magazine. Thank you Choice.


Thanks for the positive feedback @zackarii, glad the current offering is working for you.