CHOICE magazine reviews

I am a huge supporter of CHOICE - recommend it to all I can as saving me $1000s a year.
Just a few observations from the current lawnmowers report
After your exhaustive testing of some brands available I find your comments are out of date when published. In this case there’s not a lot of difference between the models.
You hugely recommended InsureandGo - which I followed. After all the rigmarole withe their obfuscating and failed promises I will no longer follow your travel insurance reports but go through a local friendly agnet.
Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the feedback @egblack, I’ll be sure to share it with staff.

Thanks for your comment. Could you let us know what was out of date in the lawnmower report?


I tried to buy a Tiffany 1.8L 10 cup rice cooker that Choice reviewed in January 2016, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Choice reviewed two, the Model No. RC10A, and the 1.8L. They are so similar that it would seem that they are both the same item?

The GAF Control website only has one rice cooker of the 10 cup size, the Model No. RC10A (, not the two in the Choice review.

I wrote to GAF Control, and they advised that the Model No. RC10A has been discontinued and no longer available. A replacement model is being released in late November.

Perhaps someone could review the Choice report and amend it?

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Hi - several comments regarding Choice BBQ testing, specifically side (wok) burner:

Looking at replacing my old banger (albeit reliable) Jackeroo, I was after a BBQ with a side burner with higher heat output than the Jackeroo. This has led to the realisation that most BBQ’s have quite a low heat output on the side burner (~10 - 12MJ/h), including the Choice recommendations for Weber Genesis/Spirit models, and the Matador Artiste model. Recent discussion with Bunnings has revealed that the Matador Boss series has upgraded the main and side burners - the side burner being ~22MJ/h. The Artiste series burners will be upgraded when the exist stock is exhausted. I’ve subsequently decided on the 4-burner ‘Boss’.

Another issue I found was access. Most side burners are mounted on the RHS (I’m used to the relative ‘elbow freedom’ of the LHS); and to boot, the burner on the Weber series was so close to the BBQ hood that my wok wouldn’t fit centrally over the burner.

Having just read the updated BBQ report in the Dec/Jan '16 Choice, could I suggest that review be given to stating the heat ratings of the main and side burners (where applicable), as well as any restriction to the side burner location and access.

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Thanks @copageoff. We’ll have your suggestions in mind when we next update the barbecue reviews.