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Choice Magazine design difficult to read (eye issues)


Yes I wholeheartedly agree you regarding TechLife Magazine. If people think Choice Magazine is hard to read sometimes - and I certainly do, they need to try and read TechLife. This must be due to a whole new breed of graphic artists all trying to outdo one another. I like reading TechLife and have to put up with unreadable graphics, rather than stopping my subscription.
I sometimes like to photocopy articles for my own personal reference and use, and where there is low or no contrast it makes photocopying impossible. Yes I am aware of copyright laws, and have come to the conclusion that it is done deliberately for this reason - or am I just being skeptical?
On another note, and talking about graphic artists, has anyone noticed in the last few months since the ABC TV got a new graphics artist, they seem to have this crazy fetish of displaying maps of countries in white with black for the sea. I find it difficult to interpret what Iā€™m looking at. We have a new 4K HD TV designed for colour video and here we have crazy graphics artists giving us black and white maps and taking us back to the stone age. What next? :disappointed:


The black and white thing is probably a newbie artist that has read and digested the accumulated works of Tufte without looking at the rest of the literature about information visualisation.

I do agree that our colour use is poor in a lot of cases. I come from a background of data viz/VR and colour choice - particularly for colour blind audiences - is a major factor in design.


@jcouch, I liked the pre-edited version better, but understand your dilemma :smiley:

Do you also walk up the hall and have a good chat with those responsible, and if so, has that been rewarding? Hmm, happened again?!?


So what are you going to do about it??? Please!!!


I agree that the message has not got through! Maybe the corridor is very long!